Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday 1/11/2011


I had no doubt that the shooting in Tucson, AZ would raise the age old debate over gun control. The question one must answer when starting to talk about "taking away the guns" is, in this particular situation: would gun control have kept a gun and ammo out of this man's hands?

No, no and no. Gun control, if ever implemented, will never work. The black market will sell as many guns as the criminals want or need and there is nothing to dispute that. Since that's the case, the only thing gun control will do is take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. If you think this society is unsafe now, just take the guns away. Give 'em only to law enforcement and see what happens.

The idea that Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck are responsible for this man's actions is unbelievable bile. I don't listen to Limbaugh, I used to but I got tired of the monotones. I occasoinally listen to Beck, who speaks of peace, not violence and there is nothing I have ever heard coming out of Palin that suggests that if we don't like what our elected officials are doing, we should just go out and shoot them. While we're at it, shoot everyone else around them. It is hard to imagine where these people come up with these ideas, but it is the junk that is being spewed out all over the place.

I'd like to get off the subject, but I find it difficult to do so. The idiots with mouths that have the media attention are spouting off all over the place and it's just short of maddening. If anyone is inflaming the public, THESE people are at fault.

Okay, off the subject. The only good thing I can really do is pray, seek the Lord and ask that His will be done.

Today, I "get" to go down through the area where I keep getting pulled over and getting warnings. I mean, what is going to happen today?....I ask myself. They're "just" warnings, but I know the company doesn't like it. It is usually the case that people that don't drive trucks don't understand what goes on when driving when, the legalities that must constantly be on one's mind while driving one and the consequences of getting pulled over by Highway Patrol when they decide they want to do "an inspection". I have understood for 25 years that if you are pulled over by them, they are going to write you up for SOMETHING. They ALWAYS do.

Anonymous said...

It's as if they feel they MUST give you a hard time. I dunno, but today I will have my camera on hand. If I get pulled over again, for what I do not know - they just pull you over and the reason is described in the rules: it is implied consent. You are driving a commercial vehicle, you can be pulled over at-will - anyway, I'm probably not going to just sit there and politely take the abuse. Enough is enough. Respectful, yes, but I'm not going to let them roll over me again.

I forgot to call the mortgage company back, so I'm doing that today. I turned in the required documentation. They told me they won't call me, I need to call them. Great, the call will be made and I will either find out what I qualify for, or, at least get the ball rolling. Or, I don't qualify for anything, sorry Mr. BB, you're stuck.

Then, I will have to make the decision as to whether it is worth staying in a home that is around 60k underwater. I keep putting that decision off because I keep trying to get something - anything - ELSE done. They are not giving out principle reductions, I have asked dozens of times, I always ask: are you giving out reductions yet? Just curious, you are going to take more of a loss than that, well not really with federal guarantees I guess, I don't really know how that works especially with an FHA loan - they always tell me no, they aren't. Yet, I don't know that for a fact. I don't ever get beyond the first tier of personnel or at most, the second. I haven't really TRIED to get beyond that.

A seemingly age-old problem that seemingly won't go away. Unfortunately at that.

Not much else in my world currently. I am going to call my now-deceased friend's wife and see if she wants to go to church this Sunday. She said she wanted to, I'll ask and see how she is doing. I doubt very well. 48 years of marriage, their lives were inextricably intertwined with each other on a daily basis. To lose one half of that has to be devastating. Worse, their anniversary is coming up on the 10th of next month. I know the kind of emotion that pulls out in a lady, my mother went through it for YEARS after her last man died of cancer. Anniversary would come around and that particular day was a day of grieving. This will still be quite fresh, gonna have to talk about getting some people around her that day and at least offering support.

As for this entry, it's done and history, cause' my time's a runnin' out.



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