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Tuesday 1/18/2011

So, I started writing an entry this morning but got caught up in other things going on, so, oh well.

The HAMP mortgage adjustment is apparently going through.  I was congratulated earlier today in a generic email and asked for more information, lol.  Oh, and sign a bunch of documents.  I can say that I read every word of the documents I was signing, oh yes, I did.  Nothing in there than what I already had learned about this program and fully expected, no shocks or surprises, I signed my life away, faxed it back to them, figure I will get more stuff as well.  I am now on a 3 month trial period - again as the modification I did last year.

Tenancy issues.  Always, always.

First and totally expected:  the female tenant that is never here is moving out at the end of the month.  I was happy to get the information 2 weeks plus before that date, not as the last guy, who handed me a money order and informed me he was moving out THAT DAY.  She is actually paid up through this week.  Amazing.  …