Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday 1/18/2011

So, I started writing an entry this morning but got caught up in other things going on, so, oh well.

The HAMP mortgage adjustment is apparently going through.  I was congratulated earlier today in a generic email and asked for more information, lol.  Oh, and sign a bunch of documents.  I can say that I read every word of the documents I was signing, oh yes, I did.  Nothing in there than what I already had learned about this program and fully expected, no shocks or surprises, I signed my life away, faxed it back to them, figure I will get more stuff as well.  I am now on a 3 month trial period - again as the modification I did last year.

Tenancy issues.  Always, always.

First and totally expected:  the female tenant that is never here is moving out at the end of the month.  I was happy to get the information 2 weeks plus before that date, not as the last guy, who handed me a money order and informed me he was moving out THAT DAY.  She is actually paid up through this week.  Amazing.  I am going to start running ads for the room today.

The trailer tenants - have been gone all day long.  Nothing new, they take off here and there.  The news is that they have interviewed for running a small apartment complex.  They made it through the first interview and have to go before the owners.  This might be the break they were hoping for - a salary, an apartment with free utilities.  They are using me as a reference and I am happy to recommend them.  I hope they get the position. I hate to see them go, but living in that trailer ..........well, I'm sure it is a motivating factor to get  a decent place to live and get life back in order.

I found a new doctor today.  I didn't look long.  It was based on location.  Yesterday was a dermatologist, today was a general practice deal - the person you go to with your life - the physical aspect of it - and hope she/he can figure it out.  I tell people I have skin cancer and they freak out. Maybe I should be far more alarmed than I am, but, I am not.  They cut it out, you're done unless it's the type that can spread.  Then, thet keep digging until it's ALL gone.

Earlier, I was outside cleaning out one of the pond filters.  It's quite the job, actually.  We're talking a large apparatus and it gets filled with fish crap and whatever else.  Not really nasty, just takes a while.  In fact, I wash out everything right over the top of plants - get that stuff into the ground, it's great fertilizer.  The neighbor's dog crashed down the partition, came over to the fence and started barking at me.  I said quite loudly: "Guess it's time to turn the music on".  10 seconds later, people were out there calling the dog and tell him  - in Spanish - to shut up.

Thank you.  I don't want to HAVE to turn on the music, just do the right thing and we won't have any more problems than we already have.

So now, I am potentially facing having the trailer tenants gone and all the stuff they do.   Meaning a lot more work for me.  I don't know that I want to find someone else to live in there, haven't decided that yet and they aren't gone yet.  If they do leave, well, I dunno.  Another great person or persons, sure, sleaze, slobs and filth, no thanks.

Today - has posed me enough to deal with, thank you.  I'm not stressing, but it was enough.  I don't want anymore, hope that's the end of it.

Good evening.


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