Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday 1/19/2011


So begins yet another round of trying to find another tenant. On top of that, I remembered that the queen mattress that was in that room is now in another room, because that tenant wanted to use her own mattress in there. So, I am going to have to buy a queen mattress for that room now. 


Hope I can find a decent used one as a brand new one is out of the question. Okay, a surfactual glance under mattresses and I see a bunch of them on there, some of them in the price range I would be looking at and some of those are good mattresses. 

Not big on used mattresses, but a new one is out of the question. You can buy those cheap, junk, uncomfortable mattresses, sure, but that's the point, they are junk. They don't last long and doesn't exactly nurture a good sleeping environment.

Whatever the case, I have a couple of weeks to get that done. I'm a bit nervous about losing the trailer tenants. If they get the job, I no longer have eyeballs watching over my place during the daytime while at work. They don't have the job yet and are competing with 2 other couples that also want the job, the owners apparently wanted management to come up with the 3 best couples and then the owners are going to meet with all 3 and make their decision. I DO hope they get the job, I just hate to see them go. It will be a HUGE standard of living increase in having their own place, free, plus $1,300 per month salary plus free utilities. That's hard to beat, especially for people that were homeless. 

Not much else and my time is up.



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