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Thursday, already? I did a double take on the calendar this morning thinking - for whatever reason - that today is Wednesday.

One man replied to my ad - well a real person and then a couple of scammers. The scammers say they want to rent your room and will pay 6 months in advance plus all kinds of fees included in that payment. You get sent a cashier's check, deposit it in the bank, then you "forward" some of the extra money they sent to an acquaintence. You see, this person is only try to help a friend with some much needed finances. A week or more later, the check bounces, if you spent any of the money, you are screwed.

I occasionally toy with these people. One time I got it pushed to the point where the guy gave me his alleged actual phone number after I told him the first phone number was no good. I didn't go beyond that, it would have been a long distance phone call. So, I informed him I knew he was a thief and told him to bug off. Never heard from him aga…