Thursday, January 20, 2011



Thursday, already? I did a double take on the calendar this morning thinking - for whatever reason - that today is Wednesday.

One man replied to my ad - well a real person and then a couple of scammers. The scammers say they want to rent your room and will pay 6 months in advance plus all kinds of fees included in that payment. You get sent a cashier's check, deposit it in the bank, then you "forward" some of the extra money they sent to an acquaintence. You see, this person is only try to help a friend with some much needed finances. A week or more later, the check bounces, if you spent any of the money, you are screwed. 

I occasionally toy with these people. One time I got it pushed to the point where the guy gave me his alleged actual phone number after I told him the first phone number was no good. I didn't go beyond that, it would have been a long distance phone call. So, I informed him I knew he was a thief and told him to bug off. Never heard from him again, lol.

The problem with the guy is that he has a dog. I have had enough experience with other people's dogs in my house to know it isn't a very good idea. Pissing all over the place, attacking my little dog - it just doesn't seem to ever work out, so, I didn't even respond to him. I have ways that it could be made to work - the dog would be in a kennel in the person's room during the daytime - but most people object to that. Not that kenneling a dog is considering inhumane, it's just that many people think it too confining and "punishing" the dog for nothing.

Well, they can think of it any way they please, but when it comes down to brass tacks: it's my house, not theirs. They find it very difficult to find anyone to take them and their dog in. I might, however, consider it with an extra $50 per month pet fee. Save the money while the person lives there and then use it to replace the carpet in that bedroom. I dunno, I'll think about it, I have time right now. The real push for people looking for new places to live generally doesn't start until the last week of any given month. I'm starting to become an expert at this stuff. 

I am upping the deduction out of my paychecks for 401k to 5%, initiating that today. I have 2% coming out. I can't afford it, but I can't afford not to. I will figure out how to live without the other money. Getting my hours back at work would be extremely helpful in that endeavor, but there is no sign in sight that that is going to happen any time soon. 

I was hoping this month I would get the safe driver award. Although the list hasn't come out yet, I know I won't be getting it. I got warnings last month and just getting warnings is enough to disqualify you. Of course, a safe driver, one would imagine, is one that stays out of accidents. I dunno, I guess I think it a bit unfair that as hard as I try to be as safe as possible - and getting no tickets or getting into accidents - I still get removed from the list. It would have been a week's pay. When I see that list and my name not on it, I am going to probably be a bit grumpy. 

Oh well, such is life. Right now, that extra money would be really nice. 

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