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Monday 1/24/2011


2 days of not posting anything. Well, in reality, I had almost an entire post written up on Saturday, got busy with other stuff - and just never posted it. Yesterday, I didn't feel like writing, so there.

My dad sent me a rather strange email the other day about "this email may not be working and sending mail to my home address may not work, either". Followed by another email saying he would explain later, followed by another email saying that it would now work?!!

This was a mass email sent to me and a bunch of other relatives. No clue. Is he and his wife having a spout and he was getting kicked out? Speculation galore as there has been no explanatory email stating what, exactly, he was talking about. I will be sending him an email this morning asking him what's going on.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!! I watched the first half of that game last night against the Jets and thought we were going to have a completely boring game. When the second…

Saturday 1/22/2011

Steelers V Jets today, dunno what time yet, still early.  Went to bed early last night as well, which isn't abnormal for me.  I have no plans made for today - yet - still pondering that one.  It's brisk outside so going out there will wait until the sun comes up and warms things up a bit.

I have been closely inspecting the damage caused by recent frost.  I am tempted to start cutting back branches and such, but, the experts tell you to not do that until spring.  I just hate to leave a tree looking like that for that long.  I am not, however, in any rush for spring to get here.  When spring gets here, summer is just around the corner, I can wait : )

I'm not exactly sure how many hummingbirds are using the feeders now.  It is hard to distinguish.  I now see 3 of them feeding at the same time several times a day.  If I am standing even within a foot of the feeder, they will fly right up and drink away.  I freeze and don't move, so I don't know if they don't recogn…