Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday 1/24/2011


2 days of not posting anything. Well, in reality, I had almost an entire post written up on Saturday, got busy with other stuff - and just never posted it. Yesterday, I didn't feel like writing, so there.

My dad sent me a rather strange email the other day about "this email may not be working and sending mail to my home address may not work, either". Followed by another email saying he would explain later, followed by another email saying that it would now work?!! 

This was a mass email sent to me and a bunch of other relatives. No clue. Is he and his wife having a spout and he was getting kicked out? Speculation galore as there has been no explanatory email stating what, exactly, he was talking about. I will be sending him an email this morning asking him what's going on.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!! I watched the first half of that game last night against the Jets and thought we were going to have a completely boring game. When the second half started, I hoped for a bit more of a challenge and the Jets did start picking it up - too little, too late. 

Typically, the Super Bowl is on or near my birthday, this year a day after. This is how I can instantly tell anyone, any time of the year that asks when the Super Bowl is - ohh, around the beginning of February, usually near the 5th....

Ummm, well, I want to get some other stuff done before the work day starts - which there is PLENTY to do in the truck routing system this morning, best way to start a work week is to start out running. What I want to do before the day starts is get another room rental ad up on Craigslist - a week before the end of the month, this is the time to get those ads going twice a day - so, I'm offa here.



Saturday 1/22/2011

Steelers V Jets today, dunno what time yet, still early.  Went to bed early last night as well, which isn't abnormal for me.  I have no plans made for today - yet - still pondering that one.  It's brisk outside so going out there will wait until the sun comes up and warms things up a bit.

I have been closely inspecting the damage caused by recent frost.  I am tempted to start cutting back branches and such, but, the experts tell you to not do that until spring.  I just hate to leave a tree looking like that for that long.  I am not, however, in any rush for spring to get here.  When spring gets here, summer is just around the corner, I can wait : )

I'm not exactly sure how many hummingbirds are using the feeders now.  It is hard to distinguish.  I now see 3 of them feeding at the same time several times a day.  If I am standing even within a foot of the feeder, they will fly right up and drink away.  I freeze and don't move, so I don't know if they don't recognize that I am standing there or if they simply have no fear.  I haven't seen a lot of fighting going on in the last several days, which is nice, I really don't get off on seeing one bird trying to dominate the entire feeder.

Changing the subject: Obama doesn't get it.  I don't know that he ever will, but - he didn't get a clue from voters in the last election, apparently.  Obama wants to spend more money.  Great, wish I could just pull money off of some imaginary money tree and spend, spend, spend.  If this nation didn't have a HUGE deficit, great, try it out. He is basically going to advocate, in his state of the union address, spending more money.

Do you live paycheck to paycheck?  I know several readers here that do not, but, many of them are just as concerned about this nonsense as mr. Average Joe and Jane that can't just go out and buy whatever he/she wants whenever he/she wants to.  But, I personally know a LOT of people that are living paycheck to paycheck - several managers at my work are doing that  even with 2 incomes in a married situation.  I guess I don't see where the government gets to just blow money wherever on the notion that spending more money will in some way end up gaining even more.

It takes money to make money, sure, but that is in the private business sector.  The government has grown to unsustainable proportions and as always, wants to grow even more.  It always wants to grow more.  The people running it make that possible and even encourage it.  I am waiting to see if the republican party that has basically taken over the House is going to do what they said they were going to do in the last elections.

Back to the hummingbirds, I moved the new feeder to a completely different location.  The first feeder is to the east, I watch it out the living room window - or I am standing out there and they come up to it regardless.  The second one I moved away from that area today and put it due south - I can also watch that out the back door which also has windows in it.  They already found it.  The first one has up to 4 bird feeding on it at one time now.  The one I just moved has just one using it.  I'm glad I moved it, is all.

I had this one as a draft, decided to go ahead and publish it, ie: the end.

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