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More Of The Hummingbirds

Both feeders were running low on the sugar concoction the multitudes of hummingbirds are drinking - at the tune of about 2 inches of it a day.  That's a lot, at least compared to a month ago.  So, I stopped at Walmart today hoping to find a better deal than that of which Fry's had - $5.00 for a bottle that  half fills them up twice.

Sure enough, they have $0.97 packets of it - makes a quarter per package, enough to half fill both feeders which is all I want to do anyway.  I bought 5 packages, should be enough to last quite a while.  Got dog food, pond clarifier and a new AC filter - it's full of junk and I want to replace it in case I need to turn on the heat again anytime soon.

Came home.  Got on the computer - I do that pretty much first getting home. Got up from that, mixed up the mixture and put it in the fridge.  Directions say to use warm water to mix it up, I wanted to put it out there cool, not warm since they are used to drinking a cold concoction.  Felt tired, w…

Tuesday 1/25/2011


Rather odd. I have been running ads for the room - that will be vacated shortly as I called the lady who is "occupying" it and asked when she was going to get her stuff out of there.

She lost yet ANOTHER job. Unbelievable, the third in 2 months time.

But that isn't the subject. A man calls. Now, I have in both the subject line of my ad and in the content of the ad itself, written very clearly: Available February 1st. This guy calls me, tells me he just got into town, got out of the airport and was at - the major intersections near my house. In other words, he was moving in today.

NOT. Can't rent out a room that is full of someone else's stuff and I told him that my ad plainly states that it isn't available until Feb 1st.

Next? Phone rings again about an hour later. This time it's a man who wants to come see the place - right now. I offered the same information: not available until Feb 1st. I know that, he says, and explains his situation in living…