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Thursday 1/27/2011


So, I get on Facebook this morning and I have several messages. I have added all kinds of friends to Facebook in order to get Cafe World neighbors. I put my Facebook UID up on an "Add-Me" forum under Cafe World and bang, all KINDS of requests come pouring in.

The funny thing is, some of these people want to get into conversations about things that have nothing to do with an online, unreal restaurant.

The funnier thing is they are from all over the world and are writing me messages in their languages! lol. I don't speak French or Bulgarian, thank you. However, Google translator does, and from what I am seeing, it does a pretty good job of it.

So, a lady in France says it's her birthday and she thought it a fine b-day gift to herself to be talking to an American man. Yikes. Well, not too scary, there is a great expanse of water separating us. I bid her a happy b-day and moved on to the next message.

This is a kid in Bulgaria - who plays Cafe World - and is inviting…

Wednesday 1/26/2011


Tiffany - the tenant that is moving out - showed up last night with 2 people and a pickup truck and began the process of moving the large amount of things she has in her room - out. Which is a good thing. I have the room paid for in advance for the entire month of February, I was glad that she was sticking to her word. 5 full days to get it completely emptied, carpet cleaned and ready for the next person.

The other tenant that just recently moved in - is posing some problems. Basically, I am getting that this guy has never lived in a shared housing type of situation and I guess it's time for some education. We don't shave our faces and then leave the little hairs all over the counter. We don't put our personal hygiene items on the bathroom counter and leave them there - you only do that if that is your own, personal bathroom. Yes, you can leave shampoos on the ledges in the shower, but nothing stays on the counter excepting the anti-bacterial hand soap that I kee…