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Friday 1/28/2011


So, I have been looking for a good used queen sized mattress and box for the bedroom that is being vacated. I finally found one that is used, but still in excellent condition at a great price. Delivered. Delivered it was, that pain is over with.

Start a new set of pains. For being "furnished" bedrooms, they are woefully lacking on any furnishings. I am starting a quest to find some stuff to put into them to make them more appealing and functional as a bedroom. I don't have a single dresser in any of those rooms. No big hurry, just scour the ads - even the free ads sometimes people are giving away really good stuff - every day until I find what I want at bargain-basement pricing.

Meanwhile, the tenant that is moving out left a message with another tenant that she is coming today to get the rest of her stuff. At noon. I will be calling her in a couple of hours - it is very early for most people right now at 5:42 am - and inform her that I am concerned about her movi…