Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday 1/28/2011


So, I have been looking for a good used queen sized mattress and box for the bedroom that is being vacated. I finally found one that is used, but still in excellent condition at a great price. Delivered. Delivered it was, that pain is over with.

Start a new set of pains. For being "furnished" bedrooms, they are woefully lacking on any furnishings. I am starting a quest to find some stuff to put into them to make them more appealing and functional as a bedroom. I don't have a single dresser in any of those rooms. No big hurry, just scour the ads - even the free ads sometimes people are giving away really good stuff - every day until I find what I want at bargain-basement pricing.

Meanwhile, the tenant that is moving out left a message with another tenant that she is coming today to get the rest of her stuff. At noon. I will be calling her in a couple of hours - it is very early for most people right now at 5:42 am - and inform her that I am concerned about her moving stuff out of my house and potentially having her friends that are helping her leaving the gate opened - and my dogs go running down the street. The point will be to considering coming a couple of hours later when I'm home and can control the dogs.

While all of that is going on, the trailer tenants have upped their quest to find a job somewhere. They have been attempting to find a gig in an apartment complex in doing maintenance or even partial managerial duties plus maintenance in exchange for a room and a small salary. I bid them good luck and fortune on each attempt. Nothing solid, yet, but hopefully if they keep at it, they will find something eventually.

Wow. I'm rather mesmerized by the pictures of the clashes and the stories of 10's of thousands of people protesting in Egypt against it's ruler, who they want ousted. That's some serious business right there, I'll be keeping my eye on that series of news stories. For me, it is so much better to just READ the news and not have all the interjection from any of the news agencies that tend to mix in their own, political agendas. I don't want to hear that junk from either side of the line, I just want to hear/read news at it's face, truth, not spin doctors and hype preachers attempting to morph something into a thing that it is not. Of course, you say, the written version may have that same junk in it as well. Perhaps, but not to the extent that you HEAR it on TV.

I was looking into switching my internet service over to Cox cable, completely changing the subject. Basically, every thing I have read says that cable internet is far superior to telephone line internet, which is what I am using.

There is a huge downside to getting cable installed. First, you have to buy your own modem unless you are also going to do the phone service for a minimum of 3 months. Second, installation is not free. What planet did this company just fall from? Everyone else gives free installation, that's part of the deal to get you to want to switch over. The flip side, though, to it is there is no contract.

You get 3 months of reduced pricing and after that it is regular price. The only real incentive is faster internet speeds. Like, 4 times faster than what I currently have. I have found used modems online at cheap prices - and that's for a modem that Cox "approves" of for use with it's system. Installation fee? Other fees? No idea, I was sort of taken back once I found out that none of that stuff is free. With Qwest, the phone service provider that is also carrying internet, the installation is free and there are no contracts, either. The modem is NOT free, however, and I paid $100 for that thing I have in there right now.

The problem is that the highest level of service I can get in my area is 7 megs per second. It's okay, but definitely not great or even that good. Cox is offering up to 50 megs per second. I wouldn't go that high because the monthly fee is something like $90 per month, but I could get double the speed I have now for about the same money.

I'll have to think about that one for awhile. Actually, I need to call Cox and find out what all the fees add up to and then I'll make a decision.

However, this entry? Is history as time has run out. Today is our company's bi-annual inventory - which I do not partake of because for whatever reason, they do not want drivers participating. Which is funny, because I frequntly do cycle counts, warehousing, pulling orders where counts are critical, but no biggies. They will work the weekend, I'll be at home : )



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...