Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday 1/31/2011


Yes, I lost another weekend to no entries, oh well.
Josie stopped by on Saturday, she had gone to the cemetery to visit and see if they had her husband's plaque done yet - not.

I was surprised to see her. I was going to call her yesterday and see if I could bring down those DVD's with the memorial service on it, but, she beat me to the punch. She really just stopped by to get those DVD's. Fortunately, she has a good friend that lives near where she is living that has been with her just about every day since Boe passed.

I wonder what, exactly, we - the U.S. - is supposed to do in this situation? I hear a lot of pooh-poohing of Obama's doing nothing. I'm curious as to what options there may be for us to do ---- what, exactly? Who would we support if we were to try and step into this mess? The flip side is if we do nothing, what if some other nation does something and - suddenly we have lost an ally in the Middle East?

I also wonder how long those people are going to keep all of that up? Now they are calling for 1 million people to come out and demand the resignation of it's current leader. I also wonder what must be going through the mind of Mubarak. I would have to guess that he doesn't really want to lose power. It's an interesting situation.

If you really want to read something scary, though, just read the story about Pakistan having doubled it's nuclear arsenal over the past several years. How did the world allow Pakistan to acquire any nuclear armaments? The world is in unrest, but - it seems to always be that way. Some would believe we are in the end times, others that we are at the cusp of it. I have no idea, God knows that, that's about the only one I know of that has any idea the REAL plan that's unfolding here. You could look at various scriptures in the Bible and surmise that we are in the end times, if you wanted to interpret it that way, I think I'll just live my life and either grow old and die or watch Biblical prophecy unfold before my eyes.

Either way, we all have to go out of here one way or the other. Admittedly, some ways seem to be more appealing than others......

The new tenant is moving in, or, perhaps, IS moved in. I dunno. The light was on in his room this morning when I left. He says that last night - well now 2 nights ago - he didn't sleep at all. Kids come out at night, I'm guessing he must be referring to teenagers or maybe the 20 something crowd, walk up and down the hallway all night long and make all kinds of noise. Then, he stated, the music that you hear all over Mexico comes blaring out of speakers from whoever lives below him.

I told him last night that if other tenants were making too much noise at night, let me know. This was stated towards the other new tenant. I know he stays up very late, I have already caught him making a lot of noise at 1:00am and I really don't want 1 person causing life to be miserable for everyone else.

I do not consider staying up all night long to be the societal norm. Not that it's wrong, just that if you ARE going to do so, you should either live in a place where everyone else does the same thing, or, you should expect to be walking on tip toes and keeping it very quiet. I don't believe this guy does any of that. He shuts doors loudly, makes a lot of noise just walking through a hallway.

I know - this is going to be a rough one. I am slowly dumping on him etiquette of living with other people and I can tell he isn't liking it. I have no sympathy, whatsoever. Life is rough and it only gets rougher if you are going to brace against the standard. Simply meaning that bucking up against the system doesn't usually get you anywhere and is a waste of time if the particular system you are attempting to buck is a GOOD system.

He took the fan out of the big bedroom by asking Tiffany, who was in there at the time, if he could use it. I had told Tiffany that I bought that fan for that room. So, Tiffany calls me the other night wanting the chair he was using out of his bedroom. Can't go in there without his permission. When I went in there and saw that fan, well, I took that, too. He obviously wasn't too happy about that, but he knew it is MY fan and that I had bought it for the OTHER bedroom.

My guess? This kid would be better off living with other guys his age. Of course, that assumes that those other guys are all responsible, will pay the bills and get everything taken care of. It turns into a dicey road at best when you start thinking of all the little paths that such a situation can take.

Anyway, enough of that as work day is here and there is, fortunately for me, plenty to do in the truck routing system.



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