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Monday 1/31/2011


Yes, I lost another weekend to no entries, oh well.
Josie stopped by on Saturday, she had gone to the cemetery to visit and see if they had her husband's plaque done yet - not.

I was surprised to see her. I was going to call her yesterday and see if I could bring down those DVD's with the memorial service on it, but, she beat me to the punch. She really just stopped by to get those DVD's. Fortunately, she has a good friend that lives near where she is living that has been with her just about every day since Boe passed.

I wonder what, exactly, we - the U.S. - is supposed to do in this situation? I hear a lot of pooh-poohing of Obama's doing nothing. I'm curious as to what options there may be for us to do ---- what, exactly? Who would we support if we were to try and step into this mess? The flip side is if we do nothing, what if some other nation does something and - suddenly we have lost an ally in the Middle East?

I also wonder how long those people are go…