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Wednesday 2/2/2011

The, uhh, doctor, was a bit out of sorts, I do believe.  She was not necessarily focused - a day after the death of a loved one, perhaps, might do that to a person.  I tried the empathy route: my best friend died a month plus ago.
Yes, that helped ease the situation in the room.  I don't know what her notes said on that computer, but she had totally forgotten that she was going to cut things out of my flesh and that a full body inspection was to be done.

Not cause' I WANTED any such thing, but that she ordered it the first time I went there.  I just went along with wherever she was going with this, but I was giving hints along the way.  She wanted to "freeze" things again on my flesh.  I suggested that when I was here the last time, you were talking about cutting things off.  She said something about the full body exam last time, I mentioned that that hadn't been done and that you were talking about doing such this time.  After a while of this, a light turned o…

Tuesday 2/1/2011


When you see a news story with a headline that states: "100 million threatened by massive winter storm", you first wonder if that isn't a bit of an exaggeration, then you begin to wonder just WHAT kind of storm could cause that big of a threat?

Umm, just reading about what's coming. It's going to get cold enough here to freeze tonight - meaning dragging out all those sheets and blankets and putting them back over the plants again, plus turning on the heat in the ponds.

Josie's surgery this morning, mine this afternoon. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Okay, back to Egypt. I finally have found some of the reason that these people are unhappy with the current Egyptian regime. Half of that nation's population live under or barely above the "poverty" line at $2 a day. Huh? The World Bank thinks poverty starts at $2 per day? If I were making $20 per day I would still think that poverty. But, I'm a fat, rich American, right?