Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday 2/5/2011

I turn 47 today : )  Got on my Facebook account and found 2 dozen Happy Birthday's on there, very nice.  Denny's appears to still have their Grandslam breakfast for free for birthday people, I"m going to go and find out.
Even if they don't, I just want to eat at Denny's this morning, haven't had a Denny's breakfast in ages (probably cause' their breakfast aren't anywhere to be found on a "diet").

Inexplicably, I slept 10 hours last night. That is a birthday gift in itself.  I normally get between 4 and 7 hours of sleep - just because I don't sleep well.  Well, I only woke up once and I went right back to sleep.  Amazing!!

I have no great plans on my birthday today.  Just enjoy the day.  I was thinking maybe take in a movie, haven't been to the theatres in ages, don't know if there is a single movie there that would actually interest me, I will take a look a bit later on.

I bought a freezer yesterday.  It's something I have been wanting to do for quite a long time, but, I just haven't really looked into it too much.  There was some obvious discontent that the small freezer for the tenants is not big enough - some people don't know how to cook and just buy frozen dinners for their eating pleasures.  I started looking on Craigslist - people are asking way too much money for the stuff they are selling on there.  I don't even bother to offer them a lowball offer, I just move on to the next.

I ended up placing an ad for a freezer instead.  I got a reply same day: $50.  Some guy was getting rid of stuff out of a storage unit that had been abandoned - he owns the place apparently - just wanted to get rid of it.  He sent pics - I bought it without even going over there to look at it.  $50 plus $20 to deliver it.  Almost perfect condition.  The door seal is in excellent condition, the door isn't all messed up and the coils underneath the shelves are not all rusted out.  About 5 feet tall with three shelves and enough space in there to store a LOT of food, plus the shelves in the door itself. THAT was a  steal.  Now just going to wait until some great sales come along on - mostly chicken but whatever else comes along - and stuff that thing full of stuff, leaving some space on one of the shelves for tenant use.

My son got into an altercation at work yesterday.  I was surprised he didn't get fired.  He was out pushing carts into the store when some dude came driving up and nicked his car on one of the carts.  In other words, this guy wouldn't wait for him to push them across the driveway.  The story becomes somewhat obscure, but the guy got out of his car and got up into my son's face.  Threatened to kill him (if my son would have called me at that point, I would have been there in a flash and that man would have paid for making that kind of threat to a minor, much less my own won).  My son is 5'7" tall and weighs 240 pounds.  He has fat on him, yes, but he is a STRONG kid.  He works out at the gym at school quite frequently.  He's trying to lose at least 20 pounds by the time graduation comes around.

He was not intimidated by the man in the least, even though this guy was estimated to be around the age of 30.  He got right back in the guys' face and basically threatened to beat the s*** out of him.  The guy was apparently astonished that Caleb was basically about to rip the guy's face off (the guy also called him a fat loser - that is what really set him off) and turned around to get back into his car.  The "man", however, decided with renewed bravado that he was going to take care of my son, turned around and apparently went up to hit him, my son rushed at him - which is when management got out there, pulled him off the guy and made him settle down.

I didn't really want to lecture my son - if he wants to get into a fight, he will pay whatever consequences and that will all be on him.  The management that came out was lower level and just "let it go", did not report it to higher level management, who would have surely fired him for not doing something else - such as calling the police or just running into the store and getting management to deal with it.  But, I did mention to him that if he HAD gotten fired, all that work experience that he was gaining at that store would go out the window.  What, are you going to tell your next employer that you were fired because you beat the bejesus out of a customer, even IF that customer started it and escalated it? Who is going to hire a person with that kind of MO?

Just gave him some food for thought, cause' he's in a job that will undoubtedly have that kind of scenario play out over and over again.  His reaction to the situation will determine whether the offending person will get mad or just let it go.  I also told him there are complete jerk offs that I have to deliver to - some of the construction foremen are total a**holes and in one particular case, I would love to give my knuckles some pain, but, that isn't the way civilized society works and each person eventually pays - or gets paid - one way or the other whether for good or bad.

Well, he's gotta learn life lessons on his own, I can only throw out my little bit of wisdom and hope he gleans something from it.  Much easier to learn from other people's mistakes than to have to go through some of it on your own.

Today is supposed to get warmer - it's 9:20 am and it's 41 degrees out with a projected high of 64.  Tomorrow is supposed to get into the 70's, now THAT'S what I'm talking about!



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