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Saturday 2/5/2011

I turn 47 today : )  Got on my Facebook account and found 2 dozen Happy Birthday's on there, very nice.  Denny's appears to still have their Grandslam breakfast for free for birthday people, I"m going to go and find out.
Even if they don't, I just want to eat at Denny's this morning, haven't had a Denny's breakfast in ages (probably cause' their breakfast aren't anywhere to be found on a "diet").

Inexplicably, I slept 10 hours last night. That is a birthday gift in itself.  I normally get between 4 and 7 hours of sleep - just because I don't sleep well.  Well, I only woke up once and I went right back to sleep.  Amazing!!

I have no great plans on my birthday today.  Just enjoy the day.  I was thinking maybe take in a movie, haven't been to the theatres in ages, don't know if there is a single movie there that would actually interest me, I will take a look a bit later on.

I bought a freezer yesterday.  It's something I ha…