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SuperBowl Sunday 2/6/2011

A couple of hours left to go.
I had half a mind to go to the Steeler's bar/hangout - but - tickets are sold out.
It's a bar, yes, but there are allegedly going to be thousands of people there cheering
on the Steelers. I sorta like getting into the kind of atmosphere for a deal like this.

As for my birthday yesterday, I was cruising along, having a great day, until the "kid"
tenant called me from work and started making demands for a written statement to be
given to the State of Arizona.  Without going into all of it, I ended up hanging up on him.
I will NOT tolerate being yelled at - over the phone or in person - from a damned tenant.
I don't yell at THEM for any reason, I expect to be treated the same.  Freaking kid, he's
never been out of the house until he moved here and apparently has gotten his way with
his mother, of whom I have heard him yelling at on the phone.

I was fuming mad after that.  When I was a young adult, I used to believe the Christian th…