Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday 2/6/2011

A couple of hours left to go.
I had half a mind to go to the Steeler's bar/hangout - but - tickets are sold out.
It's a bar, yes, but there are allegedly going to be thousands of people there cheering
on the Steelers. I sorta like getting into the kind of atmosphere for a deal like this.

As for my birthday yesterday, I was cruising along, having a great day, until the "kid"
tenant called me from work and started making demands for a written statement to be
given to the State of Arizona.  Without going into all of it, I ended up hanging up on him.
I will NOT tolerate being yelled at - over the phone or in person - from a damned tenant.
I don't yell at THEM for any reason, I expect to be treated the same.  Freaking kid, he's
never been out of the house until he moved here and apparently has gotten his way with
his mother, of whom I have heard him yelling at on the phone.

I was fuming mad after that.  When I was a young adult, I used to believe the Christian thing
to do in such circumstances would be to just let the person rant and yell and scream and just
let it go.  I have no such belief anymore. I can't find it in the Bible where it says to let someone
abuse you simply because you believe Jesus Christ is Lord and your personal Savior.  I don't
tolerate that crap from people in my life and I put an end to it immediately when it happens.

He didn't come home until much later, in fact, I was going to bed when he arrived.  He said hi, I
glared at him, got the dogs and went off into my bedroom.  I mean, not only did he start crap with me
in yelling, bad enough in itself, he did it on my birthday.  Just pure BS.  Whatever.  I was out working
on the side of the house where the ponds are earlier cleaning up and putting the sheets and blankets away
after removing them off the plants when my son comes out.  This guy had talked to my son about the
situation and I was curious as to what kind of story had been told.  He had actually owned up - to my son
anyway who had not part of this situation - that he had crossed the line and screwed up.

Great.   He comes out about an hour later.  I was out there pondering things, moving things around, attempting to decide what I am going to do next out there.  Definitely, several plants and trees have
succumbed to frost/freezing temps.  I am worried about my Sissoo trees.  Most of them look dead, even
the big ones that are 15 feet tall.  I'll be REALLY bummed if they all die and don't come back to life when
spring comes around.

He apologizes.  I really didn't know what to say.  So I just puked it out: I am not used to having TENANTS ........ YELLING at my OWN home, even IF over the phone.  That was it.  It's going to take a few days for me to come out of that one.  It's a guaranteed fact that if he does  it again, he will be looking for a new place to stay.  It wouldn't bother me at all at this point if he went and found a new place to stay, anyway.

Let him experience what it's like with OTHER hotheads his own age.  Maybe move into a college type of situation with a bunch of human pigs that don't like to clean up after themselves and take care of their living areas.

Whatever.  He left again for work, I'm just trying to cool off.  I just think it takes a LOT of gall for a person to start yelling at the owner of the home that that person is living in, especially considering that I wasn't yelling at him, or even raising my voice for that matter.

So, back to Superbowl Sunday.  It should be a really good game, regardless of who wins.  2 great quarterbacks - my opinion anyway.  Steelers defense is awesome.  Offensive protection for Roethlisberger isn't all that great, if the Burger Boy didn't have the ability that he does to shake off the tackles and move out of the pocket, we wouldn't even be here right now.

Wow, that stadium is nice!!
Still, you have 2 teams that are based in frigid cold areas.  I would FAR rather see a game in a stadium with no roof over it's head.  Snow falling would be a plus.

Umm, I have a lot to do in the next 50 minutes before the game starts, I better get offa here.



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