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Tuesday 2/8/2011


So, the newest tenant comes home yesterday, pulls out $100 and says here, this is towards NEXT month. He already paid for this month. Who gets AHEAD in their rent? Lol, that was a shocker to me. Okay, I'll take it!

Back to the second newest tenant of which I refer to as a kid, he has this habit of leaving dirty pans in the sink. I have this habit of not having ANY dirty dishes, pots or pans in the sink. I am pretty staunch about that position, too. Imagine all kinds of people living in one house, dumping junk into the sink.

Yes, you are imagining my version of a nightmare. I left a rather - stern - statement in writing, on the counter, next to the sink this morning before heading off to work. Either clean up your dishes/pots/pans or don't use them. Thank you.

I put the dude at the gym off. I didn't go in. I decided to wait until I have more available finances, I like to keep some money around in case there is some sort of emergency. It was also a tactical move. Wait an…

Monday 2/7/2011


Well, the Steelers did not make history yesterday, the Packers won the game, congrats to the Packers. Steelers let 2 TD's occur early in the game and that pretty much set the stage. Still, they DID make a comeback, just not enough.

So, the general manager sent me an email. I just got it here on my work account this morning. The company is promoting "Direct Deposit". No, folks, I don't do direct deposit. I haven't done it since it first started coming out. The reason is simple: the first time my paycheck wasn't deposited and took a week to get it "fixed" was the last time I did that. That was........I don't know how long ago. 15, 20 years? When did direct deposit start becoming popular?

So, am I ready to try it again? I guess I'm old fashioned, I would far rather have a paper check in my hand than invisible transactions going through phone lines. Not only that, but I have to make frequent enough trips to the bank, anyway. It's not …