Monday, February 7, 2011

Tuesday 2/8/2011


So, the newest tenant comes home yesterday, pulls out $100 and says here, this is towards NEXT month. He already paid for this month. Who gets AHEAD in their rent? Lol, that was a shocker to me. Okay, I'll take it!

Back to the second newest tenant of which I refer to as a kid, he has this habit of leaving dirty pans in the sink. I have this habit of not having ANY dirty dishes, pots or pans in the sink. I am pretty staunch about that position, too. Imagine all kinds of people living in one house, dumping junk into the sink. 

Yes, you are imagining my version of a nightmare. I left a rather - stern - statement in writing, on the counter, next to the sink this morning before heading off to work. Either clean up your dishes/pots/pans or don't use them. Thank you. 

I put the dude at the gym off. I didn't go in. I decided to wait until I have more available finances, I like to keep some money around in case there is some sort of emergency. It was also a tactical move. Wait and see if they call back, then tell them why you haven't gone in and see if there are any concessions. 

He calls back yesterday, I explain my situation. The last time I talked to him, it was a come in, sit down, let's talk type of thing when I asked about prices. That's car dealership tactics and I hate that kind of stuff. In other words, get you in the door and then use pressure/psychological tactics to try and get you to do something you don't want to. 

Yesterday, the offer came in at $24 per month, no start up fees. Awesome, but I forgot to ask if that also includes having to sign a contract, because if it does, no thanks, back to the negotiating table.

My uncle sent me a birthday wish the other day, so I sent back a note to him. I was amazed that he finally decided he was going to get into a discussion. I don't know the man, to be honest and he doesn't know me, either. I haven't seen him since I was 16 years old, 31 years ago. He informed me that my dad's wife doesn't like him and they don't get together because of that fact. Oh. The things my dad keeps from me, I had wondered why, the last time he went to a reunion, his wife stayed home.

Well, I'm just zooming through this as my time is short before work day gets here. I'm mostly consumed with what to do with this guy that is very high maintenance that is living in my house. I don't LIKE high maintenance people, you spend too much time dealing with their issues, and issues they have, lots of them. 

Anyway, work day is here and I must be off to the races!



Monday 2/7/2011


Well, the Steelers did not make history yesterday, the Packers won the game, congrats to the Packers. Steelers let 2 TD's occur early in the game and that pretty much set the stage. Still, they DID make a comeback, just not enough.

So, the general manager sent me an email. I just got it here on my work account this morning. The company is promoting "Direct Deposit". No, folks, I don't do direct deposit. I haven't done it since it first started coming out. The reason is simple: the first time my paycheck wasn't deposited and took a week to get it "fixed" was the last time I did that. That was........I don't know how long ago. 15, 20 years? When did direct deposit start becoming popular?

So, am I ready to try it again? I guess I'm old fashioned, I would far rather have a paper check in my hand than invisible transactions going through phone lines. Not only that, but I have to make frequent enough trips to the bank, anyway. It's not like tenants are going to be making direct deposits to me.

Of course, when your general manager comes along writing you a personal email about it, then you might come to think that there perhaps is a bit of pressure to do it. The list of people in the AZ group that do not do direct deposit? Just me and one other guy, lol.

I don't do automatic withdrawals, either. I will NEVER do automatic withdrawals on any bill. If I find myself broke for some reason and that automatic thing comes and takes what I have left out of there, or worse, the money isn't available at all, baam, you get hit with OD fees or you are left with nothing. Okay, I have automatic withdrawal into my savings account. I can turn that off at any time I want, unlike automatic withdrawals to say a credit card company or some other revolving account.

So, what to do. I'm sure the GM doesn't want to hear about my objections to direct deposit. I can pretty much make that assertion without too much thought........

Anyway, the work day is almost here and there is absolutely nothing to do in the truck routing system, big bummer : (

But, it will be a beautiful day today : )


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