Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday 2/9/2011


So, this kid tenant is now helping himself to my printer. How do I know this? Because one of my ink cartridges is dry. Color cartridges at that. It costs over $30 to replace those color cartrdiges.

Yup. The printer is going to be hooked to the other computer and the option to use it off of the old one will disappear, including the software installed on that computer to run the printer. I want it installed on my computer, anyway. Perhaps I should hand him the receipt after spending that money on those cartridges and see what he thinks about paying for it.

I left a rather blunt note yesterday on the kitchen counter, to which he again apologized when I got home yesterday. He left a pan sitting in the sink and this time, I absolutely refused to clean it. I feel like I have brought a young kid into my house and that I have to train this kid in basic, elemental things for living. I really don't need that kind of assignment right now.

My trip to the gym yesterday to get signed up was put off yesterday, mainly because I ended up going over-hours at work. One particular company that we supply always has an emergency. I don't like going over my part-time hours of 7 hours anymore because I know that I will simply end up getting off earlier another day during the week to lose the OT. I've been at 35 hours - part time - for over a year and a half now.

I frequently ponder whether I want to keep working as a part-time employee or go out and find full time work again. I have no idea if or when we are ever going to get our hours back. There are trucking jobs out there that are giving 50 plus hours a week. I decided at the beginning of this year to yes, go ahead and give it another 6 months. I get the feeling that if I stick this out, it will pay off in the end.
Unfortunately, the housing market may not be corrected until as late as 2015. That is, of course, 4 years from now. New housing construction was 90% of our business before the collapse. Now it's almost nothing. Seriously, I rarely deliver to a housing project. It's either road work - they are replacing pipes under the street; business or water treatment plants.

Well, I'm going to put that one back on the shelf. I do seriously doubt I would stick around for 4 more years of part time work, though. It's just something that is going to play out and I am going to either get my hours back or I am going to end up deciding to find greener - money greener - pastures.

I saw a rebuke online the other day: to get a woman, you are going to have to get off your lazy ass and get out there and find one. Literally, that's what the article said, lol. I was feeling like maybe that was being directed towards me cause' I gotta say, getting up and getting out to find a woman has it's appeals and not so appealing elements to it.

First off, where to you "go" to find a woman? A bar? Night club? Yeah, right. Those are one-night stand establishments. Run into one at the grocery store? Not very probable. Church? Maybe, if I start going to one, get into a single's group and spend a lot of time at it. It's the options available that aren't very intriguing or appealing to me, hence the lack of doing much more than internet dating sites. Perhaps the gym,hmmm, didn't think about that one. Not likely, either, but you never know. Everyone I know - they meet their ladies at the work place. There are no available options in that department at my work.

Oh well. Just musing.

As for now? Work day is almost here. I have the main branch locked out of their truck routing system. Who am I to do that? No-one, but I always do ask why they are taking our work when they KNOW it is in our territory. The excuses are usually very lame, but sometimes there is a good one. Such as the contractor wanted it first thing and we couldn't do it. I'm guessing, however, in this case, that my manager was not asked or informed about this delivery that should be ours to do. I will be getting a phone call in about 20 minutes asking to get out of the system and then I'll politely ask the question: why?!!!



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