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Wednesday 2/9/2011


So, this kid tenant is now helping himself to my printer. How do I know this? Because one of my ink cartridges is dry. Color cartridges at that. It costs over $30 to replace those color cartrdiges.

Yup. The printer is going to be hooked to the other computer and the option to use it off of the old one will disappear, including the software installed on that computer to run the printer. I want it installed on my computer, anyway. Perhaps I should hand him the receipt after spending that money on those cartridges and see what he thinks about paying for it.

I left a rather blunt note yesterday on the kitchen counter, to which he again apologized when I got home yesterday. He left a pan sitting in the sink and this time, I absolutely refused to clean it. I feel like I have brought a young kid into my house and that I have to train this kid in basic, elemental things for living. I really don't need that kind of assignment right now.

My trip to the gym yesterday to get signed …