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So, I worked out yesterday and the day before.  I am going to give it a pass today and then try to hit the gym at least 4 times after work this coming week.  I'm only doing a half hour so far - though it is a very intense half hour of doing the stairmaster machine - it isn't creating some sort of stigma in my head that "gee, I have to spend 2 hours there".  I'm eyeing the free-weights, but Bobby was correct in his statement that at our age, the focus should really be on cardio.  That's not to say that I might not go over after the 30 minute deal and do some bench pressed, flies and tricep curls on one day this week and then maybe biceps, lats and abs another day, just want to focus on the cardio/fat burning stuff.

Amazing how the feeling of lethargy disappears once you get your heart pumping and get the blood flowing.  I am psyched already at the difference I am already feeling after just 2 workouts, great motivation to keep it going.

I cheated today on my di…