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Wednesday 2/16/2011


So, I get here at 5:30 am today. Here being work. 2 minutes later a salesman walks in. 5 minutes later a customer comes in wanting materials.
I think I should remember to lock the front door before opening time from now on, I don't necessary like my pre-work rituals being ....ummm.....trifled with.

I know, that doesn't sound right, but I'm a bit tired. Yesterday started at 6:00am and ended at 4:00pm. Yes, another long day. I slept well, I am just not used to 10 hours bust-@$$ days right now. I wouldn't mind getting back into that groove - and getting paid for it, mind you, but since my hours were cut back almost 2 years ago, I usually only work 7 and a half hours and that's it.

Well, whatever. I was going to go into some things but, the work day is already here.



Tuesday 2/15/2011


Oops, forgot to move Monday's entry to it's own spot yesterday.
I got home late. I mean, at 1:00 pm, I still had another delivery to do - in Coolidge, AZ. About 45 miles from where I was at and then back to Chandler.

In other words, I got off way late and got home late, no time for the gym. In fact, no time for much of anything.

I was able, however, to sell ALL of our company's drip irrigation tubing. About 24,000 feet of it to one buyer. I have been slowly selling that material off for some time now, but to get rid of all of that tubing is a big plus. My motivation is that when I get rid of all of it, I get a "spiff" - ie: money/percentage.

Thank goodness I have plenty of that tubing left from my home project : ) Just cause, if something breaks, I don't want to have to pay Home Depot prices for it. I bought an extra 500 foot roll of it a while back. Company management should at least be slightly happy to have all of that tubing - that has been sitting aro…

Monday 2/14/2011


I do like to be busy at work, but what I found in the truck routing system today? Not enough hours in this day to do all of that!

2 pickups in Phoenix, deliveries spread out all over the east valley, orders haven't been pulled yet. That's a day's plus work.

3.7 trillion dollar budget. That's 3,700,000,000,000 - if you want to look at the actual number instead of it's name. Is this anything even close to being realistic? I wonder how much of that is going towards payments and interest to China. This is Obama's budget proposal. I thought it was bad when we broke ONE trillion dollars. I dunno, I guess the government wants us to start thinking that billions of dollars is mere chump change and an "evolving" society needs to embrace this word: trillion in context to the word money and think that it's an acceptable thing to waste that kind of money on junk. I consider much of it waste and certainly not anything even remotely close to the spectrum tha…