Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wednesday 2/16/2011


So, I get here at 5:30 am today. Here being work. 2 minutes later a salesman walks in. 5 minutes later a customer comes in wanting materials. 
I think I should remember to lock the front door before opening time from now on, I don't necessary like my pre-work rituals being ....ummm.....trifled with. 

I know, that doesn't sound right, but I'm a bit tired. Yesterday started at 6:00am and ended at 4:00pm. Yes, another long day. I slept well, I am just not used to 10 hours bust-@$$ days right now. I wouldn't mind getting back into that groove - and getting paid for it, mind you, but since my hours were cut back almost 2 years ago, I usually only work 7 and a half hours and that's it.

Well, whatever. I was going to go into some things but, the work day is already here.



Tuesday 2/15/2011


Oops, forgot to move Monday's entry to it's own spot yesterday.
I got home late. I mean, at 1:00 pm, I still had another delivery to do - in Coolidge, AZ. About 45 miles from where I was at and then back to Chandler. 

In other words, I got off way late and got home late, no time for the gym. In fact, no time for much of anything. 

I was able, however, to sell ALL of our company's drip irrigation tubing. About 24,000 feet of it to one buyer. I have been slowly selling that material off for some time now, but to get rid of all of that tubing is a big plus. My motivation is that when I get rid of all of it, I get a "spiff" - ie: money/percentage. 

Thank goodness I have plenty of that tubing left from my home project : ) Just cause, if something breaks, I don't want to have to pay Home Depot prices for it. I bought an extra 500 foot roll of it a while back. Company management should at least be slightly happy to have all of that tubing - that has been sitting around for 2 years now - sold and gone.

Which reminds me, I have to take that ad down and start up another one. Selling the tubing was a matter of changing my ad, especially the title. Instead of putting Drip Irrigation Supplies as the title, I had put 24,000' Drip Irrigation Tubing and that generated QUITE a lot of interest.

Well, work day is almost here and - there is MORE work in there than there was yesterday. I hope I can find the energy to get to the gym for at least the 30 minute workout after I get done with all of this today.



Monday 2/14/2011


I do like to be busy at work, but what I found in the truck routing system today? Not enough hours in this day to do all of that! 

2 pickups in Phoenix, deliveries spread out all over the east valley, orders haven't been pulled yet. That's a day's plus work. 

3.7 trillion dollar budget. That's 3,700,000,000,000 - if you want to look at the actual number instead of it's name. Is this anything even close to being realistic? I wonder how much of that is going towards payments and interest to China. This is Obama's budget proposal. I thought it was bad when we broke ONE trillion dollars. I dunno, I guess the government wants us to start thinking that billions of dollars is mere chump change and an "evolving" society needs to embrace this word: trillion in context to the word money and think that it's an acceptable thing to waste that kind of money on junk. I consider much of it waste and certainly not anything even remotely close to the spectrum that the Federal government was originally conceived to fill. 

Meanwhile, the other day I was reading about a new method scientists have come up with for drilling oil and that this new method is allow access to a lot of underground oil in the states - land versus attempting to do it in the ocean. They're talking a lot of oil, btw. I thought that a glimmer of good news, especially considering rising gas prices right now. Not that it's going to make any immediate difference.

Well, whatever. 

Work day is here.

I'm sorta out of it this morning, didn't sleep all that well last night, some good ole' fashioned hard labor should help wake me up. 



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