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Monday 2/21/2011


I actually wrote almost an entire entry yesterday but never got around to finishing it, much less publishing it.

Oh well. I found my cellphone where I had left it on Friday: in the semi. I figured it was in there but didn't bother to drive all the way over here to get it - I have my home phone as back up.

It rained a long time yesterday, very nice ground-drenching type of rain. I was out there in between rain stop and start looking at my dead Sissoo trees. The leaves are all dead, no green anything.

But wait, something caught my eye. I started to inspect one of the smaller ones much closer. Little, tiny green buds popping out all over the thing!! I rushed around the property, inspecting all of them, large and small: same thing!! Hootin'NannyHoller! They aren't dead!

I don't know which thought was more depressing about the idea that ALL of them were dead: the time it took to acquire them and plant them or the time spent in having them grow, especially the larger …