Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday 2/22/2011


I tipped over to the dark side yesterday.
A thing I never thought I would do.
Or, at least, anytime soon.

I bought a cellphone with a key board.

Well, I have to give it a try. No contracts, just straight up, month to month service with Cricket and the second cheapest phone they had for sale at 40% off. The first cheapest one looked like a piece of junk.

The thing should arrive today - at work no less - I didn't want a cellphone showing up at my house while I'm not there.

I printed out several pages of acronyms that are "commonly" used on cellphones, see how long THAT takes to learn. 

On to other things. I wrote up a 2 page notice to tenants yesterday and realize that, even with all of that, I had left some things out of it.

Such as? Someone is leaving the water running in the bathroom. They use the bathroom sink faucet and then leave the water on. I'll gladly get rid of any tenant I actually catch doing that. 

Just stupid stuff. I assume it's the "kid" tenant, I don't know that for a fact. I also assume he's going to find a new place to live. I am not asking him to leave, but - I am not being quite as amenable as I was before his outburst on the phone. I don't appreciate tenants yelling at me and certainly coming from a 20 something, all the less enjoyable. 

It left a bad taste in my mouth that I can't quite get rid of. It just sort of lingers.

The world. IT's as foul and bad as ever. Iranian ships passing through the Suez canal? A huge earthquake in New Zealand? The battle in Wisconsin. WalMart is tanking - who cares. The analysis is that they changed their format: take away the low prices, bring in things that their core customer doesn't want and - their customers leave for other pastures.

Perhaps that is true. However, my problem with Walmart is the utterly terrible, lousy, crappy - insert many more adjectives here - customer service attitude that they take against their own customers. It has always been that way and as far as I'm concerned, it always will be. That doesn't stop me from going in there and buying dog food. But, I don't go in there NEAR as much as I used to before encountering more than a handful of outrageous incidents of extremely poor treatment from customer service devils in the disguise of humans............

My morning rituals seem to get interrupted frequently. This time? Expected. The uniform guy comes here early since - I am here and he can deal with an account and get one thing under the belt. 

Oh, we are moving to a new building. The building this store is in now? An old piece of junk. Utter garbage. Literally. The new building? Beautiful. Right on the main drag, too - Arizona Avenue in Chandler. The catch? August. It ain't happening until August. Gag. Like, pick one of the hottest months of the year to move an entire store's worth of inventory...........

I'm outta here, work day is here.


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