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Thursday 2/24/2011

I'm not a fan of blind dates, but that's exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. I like to talk to people in email or on the phone - or texting I guess - see a pic of them before I even think about going on a date. Oh well, it should be interesting if nothing else, lol.

I went into a vendor's place of business yesterday to pick up some materials. The man looked at me, asked me why I'm there. Not in a nice way, either. "Are you here for 80 of those lids?". No, not 80 of them, 25 of them, I reply.

LEAVE. GET OUT OF HERE. This was this man's words to me! I have never seen this man before in my life, I did not start trouble with him, I had only been in there less than a minute before his declaration was made. He then went into a litany of how "we" are always sending P.o.'s over to them and then showing up 10 minutes later to pick them up.

Business must be good for that company, is all I can say it, to be telling people to take a hi…

Wednesday 2/24/2011


I was wondering when the fury would start.

AZ is in the works to try and pass another illegal "immigrant" bill that will make the SB1070 bill put out last year look like fluff and roses in comparison.

Boycott Arizona - I'm sure that mantra will start up all over again. The democrats in the state senate are saying the senate leader should focus on the economic condition of our state.

Yes, I think he is, would be my point. When you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of people using our healthcare system at no cost to them, that would be a GREAT place to start with getting the budget balanced. I particularly like the part of this bill that states that a child is not automatically a US citizen simply because they were born here if their parents are illegal aliens.

You get rid of that little incentive to come over here and you will get rid of a lot of them attempting to cross the border altogether, imo.

One more thing: It makes it illegal for an illegal alien to …