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Monday 2/28/2011


Ummm, got busy this morning looking at all the news online and here we are, 12 minutes from work starting time!

Let's see here: the rebel in Libya are allowing oil exports - that's a good thing considering everyone in the entire world is hiding in closets, mortified of rising oil prices.

Amazingly, governments are sending in planes, secretly, to get workers out of that country in secret military missions. Kudos.

Ummm, 40,000 pounds of mayonnaise on the highway? Yuck. Seeing stories like that - a truck driver losing control of his truck and resulting mayo-chaos - sorta helps keep me on my toes when driving, especially in this crazy city. I don't want the same fate.

Why would anyone poison trees? Much less 130 year old Oak trees. I don't get the reasoning for people's stupidity these days, but then again, the rash of parents killing their families and then themselves defies logic as well. Times we're in, I guess.

Somali pirates have seized another ship. Well, I …

Saturday 2/26/2011

Work - the best numbers for a month that I have seen posted in a long time.  Over 300k - not bad for 2 people running an entire store.  The GP isn't terribly great, but, at least the numbers are posted.  Still one business day left in the month and another 10k or so in the truck routing system.  Makes me happy that the numbers are up for once.

The hummingbird nest.  To my great surprise - I just saw the hummingbird IN the nest, sitting in it.  I did not see any eggs - but maybe one has to get a magnifying glass out to see them, lol.  That bird is just sitting in there, even though we are coming very close to it.  Amazing the - guts - those little birds have.  It's very interesting to have such a phenomenon going on on my property.  I would have never noticed that nest or that bird in it.  The bird sits perfectly still and is so small, you really would have to be inspecting a tree very carefully to find either the net or the bird in there. I'm still amazed that bird built …