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I put yet another ad on Craigslist to give away some of my fish.  My ponds have had far too many fish in them for quite a while now.  The filtering systems get saturated quickly and I find I have to clean them out and replace filtering media in them more often than I would like.

Well, a guy finally came over today and took 8 large goldfish off of my hands.  I could probably let go of another 8 or 10, but we were having difficulty catching them out of the larger pond.  I need a much larger, larger-gapped net to catch them.  We just took them out of the pond that is above ground and thinned that out quite a lot.  It's probably good at the number of fish it's at right now.

I also was able to thin my plants back considerably in breaking off plant and root systems from the main plant and giving them to him to replant.  One of the Umbrella plants had grown FAR too large for even the large pot I had it in.  I took that thing down by half, it looks MUCH better now.  I also gave him a…