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Junk At Work

Sooooo, I take the little truck up to the mountains.  I get there, it's on an Indian reservation - San Carlos to be precise and the name of the town is also San Carlos.  I meet up with the contractor, we unload the truck by hand.  We check every single item on all 3 orders.  That means going through each order, line by line and making sure it's there.  I'm there over an hour.

Nice drive, but that's not what I'm writing about here.

I go to our main branch in downtown Phoenix to give them back their truck and get our semi back.  Pretty much get everything done quickly and get out of there - I am 5 hours over for the week already.  On my way back, I stop at a vendor to pick up some small gas fittings.  That's when I get a phone call.  It's my manager.  He's asking about whether I left any pipe lube at the job site.  No, I reply - he knows full well - at least by guessing, that I haven't done any such thing.

It was a small quantity of pipe.  We have ext…

Wednesday 3/9/2011


I am speechless. I mean, what do you say about something like that? How does a person live for almost 3 decades and learn absolutely nothing about life?

I am referring to the 27 year old tenant. I came home yesterday to have my ears filled with a tale of his - inability to deal with even the simplest problems in life.

The story with him stuffing too much toilet paper into the toilet bowl, flushing the toilet and the toilet over-flowing onto the floor. Now, if the story stopped there, it wouldn't really be an issue, it happens. I mean, it should become obvious that if the entire bowl is filled up with toilet paper, you probably should have flushed the thing before it got to that point.

It doesn't stop there. He continues to flush the toilet. He does nothing to unplug the toilet. I have a conveniently placed plunger that sits behind the toilet and to the right of it. This guy didn't understand that flushing the toilet was why it continued to overflow onto the floor…

Tuesday 3/8/2011


Wow. That's all I can say about that. Some "dude" is getting out of prison - the guy killed and allegedly ate a 5 year old boy - a long time ago. The boy's father has proclaimed right to the press that if that man does, indeed, get out of prison and if he can find him, he is going to "murder" him.

After reading the accounting of his son's death, I can't say that I blame the man.

My son, changing the subject, has been asked to work at some sort of youth camp up in the White Mountains for the summer. I'm not sure all the details about this, yet, excepting that he is having a hard time deciding what to do: stay at his current job or quit and go for the experience. Well, I say nothing. From my point of view, that is, let him make up his own mind. His mother appears to be trying to make up his mind for him, which also means she bears partial blame for consequences ill if such occur. Not that I wish or foresee anything bad happening out of it, bu…

Monday 3/7/2011


So, I'm going around a sharpish curve, a transition from one freeway to another this morning and the car dies. My instant thought: here comes Monday. After getting through the curve, the car comes back on. I instantly knew what was going on: the car is almost out of fuel. Well that's a FAR cry better than having the stupid thing break down again. I don't know why I do it, procrastination I guess, but I always wait until the tank is almost bone dry before filling it back up again.

Fortunately, I made it to work without any problems.

"In its February report, the World Bank noted “sharp increases” in the global prices of wheat, maize, sugar, and edible oils over the last six months, with an accompanying rise, albeit smaller, in the price of rice"

Now, I have heard a couple of the more or less popular - depending on what side of the aisle you stride in politics - talk show hosts predicting that the prices of food were going to go up, and up, and up, and that event…