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Caring For Your Pre-Formed Fish Pond

I am writing this entry for the Googlers out there that are looking for specific information about ponds that they/you are not finding elsewhere.  I went through this process earlier last year, trying to find information and not finding what I was looking for.  It is not intrinsic knowledge, learning how to set up and care for a small pond is not that difficult, but if you don't know what you are doing, you will probably waste some money in that learning experience.

I am not really going to go into digging out the hole to place your pond - this is pretty simple stuff.  Set your pond where you are going to place it, get a can of spray paint, spray around the bottom perimeter of the pond, start digging.  Once the bottom is in the ground but the shelves are at ground level, spray paint around that, more digging of the entire hole until it is deep enough.

But let me emphasize here that you do not have to bury the pond in the ground.  I have 2 ponds up and running.  One is above ground…

Friday 3/11/2011


My thought this morning, when I read an email from the ops manager going out to everyone of what his schedule is going to be today and the fact that he was going to spend a couple of hours at our branch this morning - was that he is coming to "deal" with the situation yesterday.

I had no clue if I was correct or not - until after I got back from the first run today.  I asked my manager if the ops manager had showed up.  Yes.  I instantly knew the substance of the appearance with the look on his face.

The thing that clued me in that management knew about this is the apology email from the salesman to my manager (not to me, however, and I was the one he had called an idiot).  He wrote that yesterday and it was WAY too gooey for ever coming from that guy.  Of course, it was by force - he was forced to apologize and make it look good.

So, I guessed what the ops manager said since my manager said he really couldn't talk about it.  The ops manager had actually heard that sal…

Thursday 3/10/2011


5 hours over for this week. I am guessing I will be getting off early today and tomorrow unless, of course, business picks up yet again and I am running around all day long.

Umm, well whatever. Anyway, I find this situation in Wisconsin to be quite entertaining. Walker starts backing down, appears to be willing to talk concessions to get the Democratic lawmakers back to the table.

The next thing you know, there are headlines all over the place about the Senate passing the bill without any democratic senators present. Of course, the opposition to this bill is yelling "cowards" and other such loveliness. I'd have to say that in that kind of political landscape, the term coward hardly comes to mind as a descriptor of the action those senators took or the position that Walker is in.

If anyone is the cowards, it's the democratic senators that fled the state. They had made statements that they were willing to "stay here for 2 years, if necessary", in oth…