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Blame Me

Next door neighbor has the use of a backhoe for tearing down his house.  So, I decided to go over there and ask him if he would dig out the hole for my small pond for the front of my house.  No problem.

So, he brings the thing over, we start digging.  On the final pull of the bucket - it was the last one, I promise, it was all I needed to get that hole dug - the thing snags the waterline that I didn't know was there and tears it out quite nicely.  Hole dug, waterline destroyed.  That would be the 3/4 inch line that feeds water to my house.

Water gushing all over the place, not a big problem to shut off the water, the meter is right there.  Of course, that shuts off the water to the entire house.  I do not have a propane torch or the accessories needed to repair a line like that.  I used to have all of that stuff, but it was all stolen.  I never replaced any of it, expensive and who wants to keep replacing things that.......keep getting stolen.

On a sidenote, and for readers that …