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Sunday 3/13/2011 Direct TV and other things

I'm gonna get my way with Direct TV, I do every time.  I may have to spend hours to get there, but I get my way.  Today?  No different.  I looked at my bill online - it had gone up $7 per month.  No, no and double-NO.  I already pay them enough money, I'm not going there with them.  I braced myself for a long, drawn-out series of phone calls.  I'm a pro, I guess you would call it, at this, I've been dealing with this company for over a decade now.  I know how they operate, I know that you might encounter some very rude "associates" and I know that I will have to talk to several different people, make several phone calls - and probably get hung up on at least once before I get to where I want to be.

The first person I talked to a knew I wouldn't get anywhere with.  That person has no authority, whatsoever, to give me what I am asking for.  I just ask them for what I want without going into to much of it, and then I ask for a supervisor.  No diss to that pe…