Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday 3/13/2011 Direct TV and other things

I'm gonna get my way with Direct TV, I do every time.  I may have to spend hours to get there, but I get my way.  Today?  No different.  I looked at my bill online - it had gone up $7 per month.  No, no and double-NO.  I already pay them enough money, I'm not going there with them.  I braced myself for a long, drawn-out series of phone calls.  I'm a pro, I guess you would call it, at this, I've been dealing with this company for over a decade now.  I know how they operate, I know that you might encounter some very rude "associates" and I know that I will have to talk to several different people, make several phone calls - and probably get hung up on at least once before I get to where I want to be.

The first person I talked to a knew I wouldn't get anywhere with.  That person has no authority, whatsoever, to give me what I am asking for.  I just ask them for what I want without going into to much of it, and then I ask for a supervisor.  No diss to that person, at all, just they haven't go the juice.  I know that sometimes a supervisor can sometimes they can't - or won't - I'm not 100% sure of their authority and how far they can go with it.

The first supervisor?  Hung up on me.  That after I wasn't budging - give me my "old" rate or - nothing.  He invited me to leave Direct TV and go with another company.  I immediately asked him for his name and ID number.  He hung up on me.  That man isn't going to get away with it, I will be contacting corporate tomorrow and discussing with them supervisors that can't take the heat that they are dishing out.

I call back.  This time I bypass the initial operator, telling them I was talking to a supervisor and that I want to speak to another one.  No problem, he gets me - eventually - to a supervisor.  I go the rounds - respectfully of course - with this guy. He can't help me.  Offers to switch me to a "specialist".  The specialist, turns out and after half an hour of listening to this person attempting to deceive me into thinking I am getting a good deal - has LESS authority than the supervisor I was talking with.

She asks me if there is anything further she can do for me.  Yes, as a matter of fact, put my rate back to what it was, thank you.  Can't do that.  I suggest you talk to Corporate like you were talking about.  Yes, I replied, but why should I HAVE to talk to them? Why can't you simply do what they WILL do after I get to them, which will be an even longer, drawn-out ordeal?  Oh, and btw, why is it your company is raising your rates in the worst economic atmosphere that has existed in this country since the Great Depression?  Other questions she couldn't or wouldn't answer.  She then offers to connect me to the disconnect department.

I thought about that a flash and thought it worth the gamble.  I'm thinking they might have some juice to be able to offer something instead of having you leave.  Roll of the dice, I am gambling here, can I get what I want or am I going to have to eat it, cause' I really do not want to quit DTV.  A little trepidation on this one, I think I talked to their department once, about 10 years ago, I don't remember the outcome.

So, a cool sounding person gets on the phone.  How can I help you?  "Well, apparently your company wants me to disconnect since the last person I was talking to transferred me here, without my asking and the first supervisor I was talking to invited me to quit the service as well".  We talked back and forth - I also brought up the fact of a bad DVR and remotes that don't work.

Without going into that entire conversation - I could but why?  Unless people want to learn how to deal with large corporations and getting what you want for less than what everyone else is paying for - I am getting a brand new DVR, 2 remotes and $12 per month taken off the monthly bill for the next 12 months.  That reduction is MORE than what was tacked onto my service.

Look Direct TV just raised their monthly rate for each additional receiver by $1.  I have 5 extra receivers.  Plus he took off DVR service charge.  My bill had gone up like $6, I'm off the hook for $12.  Yup, I took it. Not only that, but I didn't have to get into a contract to get the DVR.  I won't own the thing - it's considered a "lease" and I have to send it back when I'm through with it.  Yes, well, think about it.  I can't use it for anything but Direct TV, it's not like I have anything to gain by owning it anyway.  He also threw in that they will send the box and pay shipping to send it back.

That's it.  I won again.  It took about 2 hours of phone calls, maybe 2 and a half, but, I'm there.

As for today/going into other things?  Well, I like probably the rest of the world am watching the situation in Japan.  What a catastrophe.  Nuclear plants on the verge of melting down?  My God, those people are going through hell right now.  I do hope the world unites and goes to help them.  \

I spent most of the day outdoors.  I sprayed Miracle Gro through a garden hose attachment onto just about every plant on the property. I spent hours picking up leaves out front - not even half done with that.  Pruning plants and trees.  Getting the pond in.  It was quite the productive Sunday.  I have tomorrow off and I intend on spending at least the morning doing the same.  I have the outdoor bug right now - and there is enough to keep me busy for quite a while.

Oh, and I cleaned out the larger pond's filter system.  I couldn't believe how full of gunk it had gotten in just 2 weeks.  I am doing the smaller one tomorrow and switching the UV sterilizer from the large pond to the small one.  The large pond is free of the green water, the small one is not.  I imagine this to be a problem until I get more Plecos in them.

Anyway, that's enough.

Good evening.


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