Monday, March 14, 2011

My Day Off

I've wasted half the morning on the phone with both my lender and the bank I was using to pay the lender.  I opened up an account with Chase bank last year - really haven't used it that much.  I decided to dump Compass Bank and go ahead and have direct deposit going with Chase.

No problems with the direct deposit.  Now, I don't have paper checks from Chase and I don't want any.  I had to make the second of the HAMP trial payment at the beginning of this month, meaning I needed my routing number and account number to give to my lender to make over the phone payment.  I went INTO the bank to get that number, of which a teller wrote it down and handed it to me.

The problem:  the funds have not been withdrawn from my bank. I have called me lender several times over the past couple of weeks and the bank as well.  The bank informs me that it didn't go through because it was the wrong routing number.  My lender just says it didn't go through.  Last week I had tried to make yet another payment on the account.  The problem there was that the teller at the window who wrote the number down missed a number.  Obviously, you have to have the account number right to do anything with it.

So, today, I'm calling again, why hasn't this payment gone through, why haven't the funds been withdrawn from my account?  Back and forth - I ended up with the corporate headquarters of Chase bank.  First guy I spoke with was rude, I hung up on him and called back.  The second person I talked with went around in endless circles, saying the same thing, over and over.  She hung up on me - I wasn't taking no for an answer. The third person said I had already called.  Yes, I HAVE already called and  I will KEEP calling until I get a resolution to this situation.

She takes my cell number and says she will call me back when she discusses with the second person what that person was able to find out.  I replied that since she hung up on me, it is highly unlikely that anything has been done.   I'm starting to get pissed at this point.  What kind of bank has employees working a teller window that give out incorrect information?

I took a trip to the Chase location where I had been given the wrong account number.  I walked in, asked for the branch manager - of course, that individual is on vacation.  Never fails.  Settled for second in command.  We go into an office.  I hand her my debit card and then I hand her the paper that the numbers had been written on by the teller and ask her to compare the two.  PLEASE tell me what the problem is.  Oh, she says, the routing number is wrong - completely wrong.  It's a routing number for Arizona and you opened this account in Colorado.

Colorado?  I haven't been in or through Colorado in years, I reply, the only thing I can think of is it is because I started the account up on the internet.  I voice my extreme displeasure with Chase bank and the apparent fact that something as simple as writing down a routing number could be messed up.  But I didn't stop there, because she was saying that the person didn't apparently look at the screen to see which state this account was set up in to give the correct routing number.

I then point to the account number.  PLEASE match the 2 up.  What kind of excuse is she going to give for that crap?  None, she can't.  She apologizes, great. However, I tell her, this HAMP loan modification, which is what this rejected payment was for, has strict rules.  One of which states that if you miss any of your 3 trial payments to be made on time, the modification is rejected.  What are you going to do about that if that's what happens?  Yeah, that is why I was getting so upset.  I have no idea at this point where that thing stands.

I'm not sorry to say that I will be moving my direct deposits from that bank to another, yet to be determined. I think there is a bank that is giving out $100 to sign up for a checking account.  I WILL be cancelling my account there.  It wasn't just giving the wrong routing number: it was giving the wrong routing number AND missing a number in the account number.


I fired up the third pond earlier.  It's out front.  It's the smallest pond.  I have some fish in the biggest pond that I am going to take out of there and put in the small one - after a few days that is.  I'm going to let the bio filter cycle through that fresh water for a couple of days before making the move.  There is a couple of fish in the large pond that are being chased around and nipped out, they will be removed from that one and put in the small one.

Meanwhile, the medium sized pond?  The fish are mating in there.  I opened up the door right next to that pond earlier and they were "rubbing" away.  I'm sorta curious to know whether that fish chasing that other fish in the big pond was actually trying to mate with it.  No idea.

Eggs in the hummingbird nest have not hatched yet, but if the site I read is correct, it should occur sometime this week.

Next door neighbor is going crazy over there with that backhoe, making a lot of noise with thing - have been listening to that noise for 3 and a half days now.  The company that rented it to him is coming or it today - I can add happily.

I think I am going to make some brats on the grill.  I'm hungry and it sounds very appetizing.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...