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My Day Off

I've wasted half the morning on the phone with both my lender and the bank I was using to pay the lender.  I opened up an account with Chase bank last year - really haven't used it that much.  I decided to dump Compass Bank and go ahead and have direct deposit going with Chase.

No problems with the direct deposit.  Now, I don't have paper checks from Chase and I don't want any.  I had to make the second of the HAMP trial payment at the beginning of this month, meaning I needed my routing number and account number to give to my lender to make over the phone payment.  I went INTO the bank to get that number, of which a teller wrote it down and handed it to me.

The problem:  the funds have not been withdrawn from my bank. I have called me lender several times over the past couple of weeks and the bank as well.  The bank informs me that it didn't go through because it was the wrong routing number.  My lender just says it didn't go through.  Last week I had tried to…