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You don't see ads for Koi being given away very often, when you do and if you want them, you better drop whatever you're doing and call immediately.  I've done that over and over - sometimes I score, mostly I get "they're already gone".

Well, I have been frequenting Craigslist much more often and typing in Koi as the search and yes, I have seen the offers but haven't been able to "cash-in" on any of them.  There are a lot of people scouring the ads for free Koi.  This afternoon, the thought crossed my mind: let's take a look.  Pond being shut done, giving away my Koi and goldfish.  I called immediately.  No, no-one else had called and yes, he wants to give them away, but he wants to give ALL of them away to one person, including the goldfish.  I did not hesitate: okay.  If I couldn't take them in my pond, I have another guy who wants a lot more fish in his new pond.

I head over there.  I get 3/4's of the way there and see that my fu…

Tuesday 3/15/2011


3-day weekends are nice, but there's nothing like taking a full work-week off - thusly creating 9 day span of not having to get up and go to work. I fully intend on doing that this summer.

Allegedly, there is going to be another reunion in North Carolina again this year. Funny how the family lines in the west aren't even invited to these affairs.......... I probably won't be saving for a vacation to NC to spend it with a bunch of strangers I haven't seen since I was 8 years old or thereabouts..........

I'll spend my vacation doing nothing but staying home, undoubtedly, which is fine by me, it's better than no vacation at all. By the time summer hits, they are predicting $4 per gallon fuel and certainly it LOOKS like it's going to go there. The price of everything is going to go up. Including vacations.

I have a vacation on my mind, I guess, because I haven't been on one in so long. I mean, I have done the staycation thing 2 years running now…