Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skin Irritation

Okay, I"ve been to 5 different doctors spanning the time since the last quarter of last year about this situation.  The first 3 doctors didn't have a clue, the 4th doctor said, gee, there is a problem, you need a dermatologist and gave me the authorization to see a dermatologist.

Then our company switched insurance providers.
I then went to a dermatologist - twice - who didn't address the problem even though I repeatedly brought the subject up on both visits - $50 copay per visit.  Well, she "addressed" it:  I think you've had this problem a long time and you just haven't noticed it.

I didn't want to argue with her, she claimed sun exposure.  I have sun exposure issues, I can tell you right now that what ever is going on here?  Has nothing to do with sun exposure.  In fact, in all of these instances, I said I thought it looked like ringworm.   I have had ringworm before - a long time ago - back then it was prescription only medication.   I have asked these doctors whether there is an over the counter medication, they always tell me to go see a doctor.

The itching on my face has become unbearable.  I looked up ringworm on the internet today to find a couple of OTC remedies for it - they are used for Athlete's foot as well.  I don't KNOW if what I have is ringworm, I am only looking at it and thinking this is what it is.  Lotrimin is one such remedy.  I ran down to Walgreen's as soon as I found that - $10 is worth a try over a $50 copay for a "specialist" that doesn't even try to address the problem.  I have sun exposure on my arms as much as my face, they aren't itching.  Anyway, the symptoms are the same: itching, burning, discomfort - I haven't seen any scaling but I wash my face twice a day, so perhaps that's why I wouldn't see any.  I mean I wash my face with a special soap that was "ordered" by the dermatologist.

If this doesn't work, I am going to find another doctor and this time?  I am not taking no for an answer.  Do tests on my skin, I don't care WHAT it takes, you are going to find out what's wrong and if it is treatable, you are going to treat it.  I am not going to continue to shell out $25 or $50 copays for nothing information.

Heck, I was checking out another doctor today - I need a general practice doctor - this place charges $50 if you are a no-show. It's funny how they can charge you $50 or $25 for being a no-show if you don't cancel the appointment within 24 hours of the date, but they can do whatever they freaking please.  If the doc can't see you?  They'll call 2 hours before the appointment and cancel it.  If they have overbooked?  You are going to sit in that waiting area for a long, long time.  They aren't handing me 50 dollar bills for having to wait forever, are they?  BS.  Apparently this is the current trend: charge you for not showing up.  It's unfortunate, but I  have missed a few appointments because of my job.

The really funny thing about this is that these doc offices invariably refill that missed "position".  Not only that, but these doctors are unwilling to spend and real time with you if you have a lot to deal with.  If you get 10 or 15 minutes out of them, you are lucky.  A bit lop-sided system, I have to say.

Anyway, I'm trying this stuff for a week.  If it doesn't work, well I'll be looking for another doc in the next several days and I will make yet another appointment.

Thursday 3/17/2011


I had thoughts of attending this family reunion in North Carolina. Besides financial factors - the cost of an air ticket to get there and back would undoubtedly be very high, not to mention a rental car, hotel and eating, plus whatever activities - I don't know any of these people.

The idea of spending a week with people I don't know? Could be an awesome time, could be a nightmare, could be a bit of both. Last time I spent a single day with an unknown family was not the greatest time on earth. That was when Caleb and I went down to visit my dad and his wife for - Thanksgiving I think it was. Some of her family was there and the dad/husband/son of my dad's wife was........more than I was willing to deal with. 

He talked and talked and talked and talked - endlessly - didn't want to hear anything anyone said, or if he did let in a word or two, he would instantly go on his own little venture of how HE had done the same thing or been through that kind of ordeal or whatever. 

I don't even have these people as FB friends - my family lines - save one. So, let's say I could magically come up with the $1,500 or whatever to go and "enjoy" myself. Lots of unknowns in that sort of situation. 

Funny that I have all of these relatives that I have never known. I saw them when I was a little kid - I mean little as in around 8 years old or younger, I really can't remember what age, I am sure it was before the age of 10. My family moved out west when I was 10 and that was the end of any visits to relatives. 

It's a strange thing to have a family that lives within 50 miles of each other but doesn't want to talk to each other, much less spend any time together. I have never really given any consideration to the fact that I have never known any of my relatives. 

Well, whatever. It is what it is and I'm not going to do anything to change at this late point in the game. 

The news is all over the scale. Japan and it's denial that the plant is going to melt down - we all hope it won't, of course, but experts from the U.S. are saying elsewise; the security council is waffling while the "rebels" are being slaughtered in Libya; but here's one that got my attention: a mayor in Florida is recalled and booted for his stance on tax, tax, tax the people. 

I would love to see that happen with certain members of the city council in the city of Phoenix and it's mayor as well. There have been proposals by one of the council members on how to save money so that taxes don't have to be increased. They seem to want to up the water bill by 5% every year. It would be a hoot if it started a trend: just recall these people who think that dumping the burden on the taxpayers even more than they are already being dumped on is, somehow, a good idea. 

That would get them ALL shaking in their boots. Gee, I better rethink this. Here's the point: these municipalities are basing their activities, expenditures, budgets on what it USED to be. You know, when the economy was good and all kinds of money was flowing into their coffers? Instead of cutting back, they seem to want to just keep things the same and make taxpayers foot the bill for it. I don't think so. The average pay and benefits for a city worked in Phoenix is $100,000 PER YEAR. 

This is what the council member was talking about cutting back, that and other things.

Whatever, just musing. I must get offa here.


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