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Skin Irritation

Okay, I"ve been to 5 different doctors spanning the time since the last quarter of last year about this situation.  The first 3 doctors didn't have a clue, the 4th doctor said, gee, there is a problem, you need a dermatologist and gave me the authorization to see a dermatologist.

Then our company switched insurance providers.
I then went to a dermatologist - twice - who didn't address the problem even though I repeatedly brought the subject up on both visits - $50 copay per visit.  Well, she "addressed" it:  I think you've had this problem a long time and you just haven't noticed it.

I didn't want to argue with her, she claimed sun exposure.  I have sun exposure issues, I can tell you right now that what ever is going on here?  Has nothing to do with sun exposure.  In fact, in all of these instances, I said I thought it looked like ringworm.   I have had ringworm before - a long time ago - back then it was prescription only medication.   I have asked…

Thursday 3/17/2011


I had thoughts of attending this family reunion in North Carolina. Besides financial factors - the cost of an air ticket to get there and back would undoubtedly be very high, not to mention a rental car, hotel and eating, plus whatever activities - I don't know any of these people.

The idea of spending a week with people I don't know? Could be an awesome time, could be a nightmare, could be a bit of both. Last time I spent a single day with an unknown family was not the greatest time on earth. That was when Caleb and I went down to visit my dad and his wife for - Thanksgiving I think it was. Some of her family was there and the dad/husband/son of my dad's wife was........more than I was willing to deal with.

He talked and talked and talked and talked - endlessly - didn't want to hear anything anyone said, or if he did let in a word or two, he would instantly go on his own little venture of how HE had done the same thing or been through that kind of ordeal or what…