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Pond Stuff

The liner did show up today.  I was going to install it and put some new fish into it - but - I decided on changing the game plan.  I am going to fill on the hole were the water line was fixed - so I am going to have to wheelbarrow quite a number of loads from the back of the property to the front to do that.

The point is to make it as level as possible, and the side of the pond where the repair on the water line was done is not level.  I will need to bring the dirt level up to at least the bottom of the pond on that side of it to make it level.

The other reason I changed my mind is that I realized that I do not want to put any Koi in that pond.  It will be, at least at first, goldfish only.

I say that because I acquired 3 more Koi today.  I am totally uninterested in goldfish at this point- I have plenty of them and don't want anymore, Koi are way cooler looking.  Today's score was a butterfly Koi and then 2 - whatever kind of Koi they are.  Underfed, apparently. I put the…

Friday 3/18/2011


Following the tracking on my pond liner coming from - Missouri I believe it was - it's at the FedEx facility in downtown Phoenix. Meaning I hope it comes today!! I would love to get that thing up and running with fish and plants in it this weekend.

China says the Libyan conflict should be "resolved through dialogue". Is this what happened in Tianamen square? Does China hold dialogue with the people that simply disappear off the face of the earth? Yes, I'm sure they do, before they kill some of them. Let's not forget the fact that China is a Communist nation. I am well aware of what happens to Christians in the underground movement over there, religious freedom is not tolerated.

In other words, China can go jump off a cliff. Or, at least, the government that oppresses it's own people. It is hardly surprising that they and other nations like them have their "reservations" about enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya.

The Security Council gave it'…