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Water Iris

I had absolutely no idea, whatsoever, that one variety of plant that I have been growing in my pond is a water Iris.  That's because there haven't BEEN any flowers coming out of any of them up until 24 hours ago.

I knew something was up several days ago when I saw these round shoots that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.  The plant itself is nothing but these tall, thin and semi-wide leaf-like things.  I thought they looked good enough in themselves.  I have 3 of these things growing in 2 ponds.  When I saw the tubular shoots coming up, my first thought was:  does this thing also bloom?  That is because I have a couple of other types of plants that do the same thing - leaves are thin, stalk type affairs, flowers come up in separate, tubular shoots.

Umm, 2 nights ago nothing, the next day 2 flowers in full bloom.  Absolutely beautiful.

So, someone is standing at that side door, looking at the flowers and telling me they were Irises.  I could not for the life of me remember …

Direct TV - AGAIN

I wrote a week or so ago about getting a new DVR from Direct TV for free, with no contract imposed.  It took me quite a bit of talking to quite a number of individuals to get it.

I went to record on it yesterday - push the record button - nothing happened.  All of my equipment is "older", meaning I have no clue what a new DVR or a new standard receiver would look like.  What I received was not a DVR, I found out quickly, it's a standard receiver.

I just spent another 2 hours on the phone with a bunch of people that denied me the request to send out a DVR, as was promised, and yes, you can have this standard receiver back.  One supervisor did get to the point of "well, we can do this:  send you out a new DVR for free, BUT, you will have to commit to another 2 year agreement.".

No, no and double no.  This is NOT what was agreed to when I was speaking with the disconnection department and after quite a bit of time wasted, I ended back at the disconnection departm…