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Click on any pic to enlarge it.

Click on any pic to enlarge it.
Various recent photos.  The last one is, yes, of the hummingbird that has been nesting, hatched the eggs and now is feeding the while still sitting on them, I guess keeping them warm.  You have probably seen a hummingbird up close enough to realize how small they are - which should give you an  idea of how small that nest is and further idea of how small the the freshly hatched birds are inside of it - 2 of them.

Ummm, first 2 pics are of the Water Iris.  Today, it has 2 more blooms on it.  Note the chair and the table right next to the above ground pond.  I have spent considerable time sitting there pondering life, listening to water falling and looking at fish swimming with, of course, my dogs at my feet.
Tunnel on US 60 in the mountains.
2 pics of fire trucks on the night of my next door neighbor's house burning down.
Pic of a "typical" property in a town called San Carlos on the San Carlos Indian Reserva…

Monday 3/21/2011


The U.S. at war again. Oh, we may be clouding it under the veil of the UN Security Council. It might be lessened due to the fact that we are claiming not to be taking the primary role in the lead of the nations that have come together to stop Qadaffi's slaughter of his own people, but make no mistake: we are at war.

If bombing another nation's military outposts and strategic military locations such as military airfields, from the skies via Cruise missiles being shot from warships and submarines, B-52's dumping bombs and jet fighters taking out tanks doesn't count as acts of war - well we all know, this is war.

Question: what is the outcome? What if Qadaffi leaves? Who is going to take his place or what entity? What if Qaddifi lays down his arms and stops the slaughter? Then what? Are the "rebels" organized enough to take on the role of running that nation? If they get control, what are they going ot do with it? Are they going to have free elections?