Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday 3/22/2011


In the case of Obama doing what he has done in basically starting a war with Libya - but through the UN Security Council, with the backing of the Arab League (for once), and apparently going to take a lessor role in the focus of who is running this campaign, I am going to have to agree that going through Congress first and having votes and all of that would not have been the greatest of ideas.

My reason being primarily because Gadhaffi's forces were about to go into Benghazi, wipe the place out, kill even more women, children and civilians, the onslaught would have been as brutal as the rest of it or more - and how long would have Congress sat on it's hands arguing back and forth over whether we should engage or not? 

I mean, if the current "budget" problem is any indicator, Libya's rivers would be flowing red with blood and the thing would be over, Gadhaffi wins, a brutal - extremely brutal dictator stays in power after snubbing the world. 

So, in this rare instance, I'll take Obama's side. I will not, however, take his side on him traipsing around South America when he should be in the Oval office/war rooms taking the position and role that is only his to take: Commander in Chief. 

Off of that. I was glad yesterday that I decided against watering my plants last weekend. I had there was a chance of rain and sure enough - it rained nicely yesterday, soaking and saturating the ground, using tap water would have been a complete and total waste. 

This Sissoo trees are putting whole new branches and they are growing quickly. It IS time to water the ground around those particular trees often and deep, yes. But when Mother Nature comes along and does it for me, for free, well, you can't go wrong with that. 

My 3 fishies out front are terrified. At least from the way they are acting. I have put a nice water lily in there to cover some of the top of the water for a hiding place - but - although that pond is smaller in circumference than the other ponds, it is deeper, meaning the leaves have to make it back up to the surface. It shouldn't take long and then there will be nice coverage for them.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I don't know about work-wise - I'm talking after work. I have an appointment to get all of those fish, leaving directly after work and heading straight out there. Bring the fish home, hopefully have the dude that wants some of them waiting there or showing up shortly after I arrive. 

At 5:30, I have a Fieldwork Phoenix appointment - you go participate in a study group with other individuals and then you get paid a nice little sum for the time spent. 2 hours for $75. I don't make $37.50 per hour at work, might as well take advantage of it. A big plus about it is - the place is less than 2 miles from my house. I won't have to scramble to drive 20 miles or something to get there. 

So, reminding myself, I have to get my buckets cleaned out and in the car for tomorrow's little adventure. There won't be much time in between the fish endeavor and going to the study group - but it's going to all happen if I have anything to say about it, which I do. 

As for work, yesterday there was NOTHING in the truck routing system and it never changed. Today there is one delivery - albeit pretty far out east - that will eat up a couple of hours or so and that will be it for today unless something else comes up. We have been going pretty good for quite awhile all the way up until Friday and now? Dragggggggging along.

Oh well.



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