Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Koi?

I get off work today and start heading for Glendale - west side basically - to get all these fish these people that are shutting down their pond said they have.  They were going to give me all of them.

I was 1/3rd of the way there when I got a phone call from the lady I had discussed this with before.  They had emptied the pond earlier in the day and found - 2 fish.  2 large Koi.  Originally, there were about 40 fish in that pond.  The lady lamented that heron had been coming to their yard frequently, but they thought the dogs were keeping the heron at bay and keeping them from actually getting at the fish.

She further lamented her shock to find only 2 fish left.  Well, if they were large Koi, I was headed out there anyway.  And yes, they are - about 17 inches long without using a measuring tape.  Not in great condition - the water that the guy had them in, in a VERY small, plastic play pool was nasty.  I was guessing not very good aeration in the original pond.  Those 2 have been living in murky, green water for over a year.  Okay, I know fish can live in that kind of condition, I just don't want MY fish living in that muck.

I have work to do.  I put those 2 in the biggest pond - but I must thin that pond out and get some in the new setup out front and also maybe put a couple in the medium sized pond.

It wasn't a wasted trip - for free, those fish aren't exactly worthless.  People are asking pretty good money for Koi that size.  I mean, if she called me and said she had 2 goldfish, I wouldn't have bothered.  Too far to drive for fish that I already have PLENTY of.

That's it.



Wednesday 3/23/2011


Well what, did anyone think it was going to be free? Lol. Referring to the war in Libya and the U.S. presence there. I'm guessing the portion about us playing a "limited" role there has to do with the costs of war and the fact that we are already footing the bill for 2 other wars. 

But, those subs and ships are already out there anyway. It's not like they just decided to put a whole "extra" fleet of ships out there to deal with Libya, those expenses were being incurred regardless. The missiles - totally different story, obviously. 

Whatever. It will play out however it's going to go. If the coalition leaves before Qaddaffi, Qadaffi, Kadhafi - I have seen his name spelled so many different ways in the news, I have no idea which one is correct (and who cares, he's nothing more than a murderous tyrant). 

So enough of that. I have a busy day today (and completely ignoring all the ludicrous, crazy and insane stuff that is being "reported" in the media right now). First - work - of course. Finally something in the truck routing system to do. 

Uhh, manager just called - 20 minutes til' normal clock-in time, not so today. Anyway, after work, go get the Koi, after that, go to the survey study to earn a bit of extra cash.

With that, I'm off to the races!


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