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Thursday 3/24/2011


I hope I'm wrong, but I have the first indications that I may be coming down with what's been going around for quite a while now. My mother is very sick and has been for days - I've called her a couple of times to check in on her.

Last night's study group - the 2 hour round-table discussion that ended up in a $75 prepaid Visa debit card - was somewhat interesting, but not wildly entertaining. It was asking opinions about a website covering doctors and hospitals. There were printouts of views of these websites and we were to give our opinions on it.

There isn't much else to say about it, cause' that's all it was. I got my $75 card, thanked them and left. Yes, I would do another one of those roundtables if I were called and asked to do so, it's easy money.

Caleb has me beat: he has started to go to church, on his own, to a place that his mother isn't going to, either. It is the organization that wants him to go up to their facility in the mountai…