Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday 2/25/2011


The kid tenant.
I'm in a conversation with Lynnette yesterday and this kid's name comes up. He's not really a kid - he's 27 years old - but he acts JUST like a little kid, and I don't mean in any good way, whatsoever.

I don't remember what got us there, but I was looking at her - he had obviously said something to her about me and she wasn't telling me, yet she wasn't exactly making it a secret, either.

What is it. She stated that he had stated to her the following: "Don't tell anyone I said this, but if I'm doing work around here, shouldn't that mean that I should get to use the computer?". Now what, exactly, was he referring to about this?

Meaning, that I should get up out of the computer chair and let him have at it whenever he sees fit. I busted out laughing when I heard this. He was dead serious, too. His "work" around the house? Empty out the dishwasher once or twice a week. Note that he uses a LOT of MY dishes. Regardless, even if he was "working" around the house, what gall this kid must have to think that he seriously should have the right to boot the computer's owner off of the computer.

Lynnnette said that when he said that, her jaw dropped. She then told Mario, as I have several times over - that the use of the computer is a priviledge.

She went on. She's sitting there in the morning doing her thing on my old computer. Mario comes along and tells her to get off of it, that he has work related stuff he must do on it. ???? Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay......
So, he checks his work schedule on line, looks at something else and then goes to YouTube.

I looked at Lynnette, who was obviously not happy about this situation and asked her how LONG does he keep her off of it? She wouldn't say. My first guess: HOURS???!!!! Yes. Lynnette sort of doesn't want to overstep her boundaries in my house, so she doesn't really do what her mind is telling her to do: my guess would be to tell Mario to bug off.

So I asked Lynnette why should would budge for him? I mean, when she's done, he can use the computer. That's it. Mario is on that stupid computer half the night anyway. I told her that the next time he does that - which will be this morning in a couple of hours or so - to tell him that she will be happy to let him use the computer, when she's done with it. I repeated that to let it sink in - yes, I am giving permission to tell him to go take a hike and further, if he has a problem with it, tell him to call me and I will educate him on the use of MY computer in MY house. But further, the simple respect that most people learn in life that he obviously has not.

Then we go to the issue of the phone. He takes the phone into his bedroom and it stays in there with him until he leaves, apparently. Mario's days in my house, I'm slowly coming to that line which once crossed, there is no return, are numbered I am guessing.

The second he starts s*** with me about computer use, that's the second he will be banned from using it, at all. Let him go find a rental room somewhere where the owner of the house just lets anyone use the computer.........yeah, GOOD LUCK.

So, I am half expecting a phone call this morning either from him or her concerning this situation which is quickly coming to a head.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this conversation occured after Direct TV showed up. The guy comes in the house, we discuss the situation, he looks at the setup, says oh, you only have one line running to it, you know that I am going to have to run a second line, don't you? Sure, is it going to be free installation? Yes, he replies, the entire visit today is free. Thank you, please install the line however you see fit.

So, while he's doing that, my son shows up. The window in the car is down again and he can't quite figure out how to put his hand down inside the door and jimmy it back up.
I deal with that and then he starts pouring out this story that occured at Albertson's - where he works - the other day.

Seems like there's a 20-something that works there that is, apparently in the eyes of everyone but the manager of the store - at total jerk-off.

Situation: My son sees that this guy has abandoned his post at the self-checkout. There are 3 people that need help. My son gets on the intercom and calls for the attendant to please go to the station. This guy, the 20-something comes up to my son later, tells him not to do that again or "I'm going to kick you ass". Papa Ben doesn't like 20 year olds threatening his 17 year old son like that.

In fact, papa ben immediately wanted to go find that idiot, get in his face and tell the guy that his head is going to be shoved down his neck if he even looks at my son again. I tried to restrain myself, but as the story was told, it became apparent that this guy was dead serious about it. Caleb - my son - then said "I almost called you yesterday". I told him after the first incident with a customer that if he ever needed help, call me, or if it's bad enough, call the police. In fact, I told him yesterday, that "man" threatened a minor with assault, that is probably a jailable offense in itself.

I would really rather have police get involved in something like that than me. I am pretty sure I would go overboard and knock the guy on his @$$ without much conversation taking place. I'm not saying I'm a bad-@$$, but when it comes to property and family, all bets are off. Apparently management has told the guy to not even look at him funny, as I also informed Caleb: that guy starts trouble again, if you want my help, I'll be there in short order and yes, I will have a "conversation" with him. If you don't want my help, that's cool, but I am going to insist you call the police if there's another threat.

Caleb apparently got into it with this guy after the guy threatened him - he doesn't go around starting trouble, but when someone starts it with him, he flares up, to put it mildly. He inferred to the guy that "you don't want me calling my old man over here". That would be me, the dad. Lol. Okay, well, whatever.

I have no idea whether I am going to get a phone call about that situation today or not.

As for Direct TV: I got the new DVR, installed, set up, even set up to turn on and off the TV it is hooked up to, the service call and even an extra remote for free. He said he had this "extra" remote, do I want it? Yes, of course I dooooooo!



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