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Friday 2/25/2011


The kid tenant.
I'm in a conversation with Lynnette yesterday and this kid's name comes up. He's not really a kid - he's 27 years old - but he acts JUST like a little kid, and I don't mean in any good way, whatsoever.

I don't remember what got us there, but I was looking at her - he had obviously said something to her about me and she wasn't telling me, yet she wasn't exactly making it a secret, either.

What is it. She stated that he had stated to her the following: "Don't tell anyone I said this, but if I'm doing work around here, shouldn't that mean that I should get to use the computer?". Now what, exactly, was he referring to about this?

Meaning, that I should get up out of the computer chair and let him have at it whenever he sees fit. I busted out laughing when I heard this. He was dead serious, too. His "work" around the house? Empty out the dishwasher once or twice a week. Note that he uses a …