Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday - Taxes 3/26/2011

I've put off this 2007 tax return situation as long as it is going to go.  I believe this is it, if I don't file it before April 15th, I lose it.  Yes, every site I've gone to says I have until April 15th this year or it's done, totaled, history.  Too much to lose - I don't have the money to use an accountant like I wanted to.  I found a website that does "prior" tax returns.  You file your information online and they do the rest, including having a tax professional (I don't know what that means in this day and age, it could be  a person that took a 3 month course for all I know) - better than not doing it at all.

I stand to get a good chunk of change.  The house was a total loss so was almost everything that was inside of it.

I'm guessing once that's turned in, the IRS will gladly do the rest of the returns for me and, of course, try to invent a way to keep the money that is due me.  That's the way they work : )

As for today - Direct TV coming over yet again.  I have to get up and walk to the new DVR for the remote to work.  NOT.

Been outside a couple of hours today already trimming back plants, dealing with the pond and picking up dead leaves.  Back out in a few - I want to try to catch a couple more smaller fish out of the larger pond to put into the new pond setup out front.  The medium sized pond?  They are going at it again.  I mean, I was out there trimming plants and hear all kinds of splashing in that pond going on.  Sure enough, they are mating. I mean, busily mating.  Lol.

Those are my plans for today - continue working on everything outside, there is plenty to do.

Have a great day!


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