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Tuesday More

It's always fun to get new drive axle tires installed on a semi tractor.  Number one because you are looking at close to $4,000.00 for 8 tires.  No-one ever said maintaining a semi was cheap.  However, the last 8 tires on that truck have been on there for a full 3 years - which is very good for a truck.
Number 2, cause' once you get on the freeway with that new rubber driving you forward?  You're all OVER the place!!  I'm serious, every time I have had new rubber on a truck, the thing is attempting to zig and zag everywhere.  It usually takes a couple of WEEKS before that stops happening.

Taxes.  Beginning to drive me crazy.  I was on the phone with the IRS today after the online company I was in an online chat with said that this is a "very complex tax issue and you are better off calling them".  So I did.  The man I was talking with was cool enough, but he started reading from a publication, an IRS publication of course. Endless questions.  I answered all …

Tuesday 3/29/2011


Ummm, so I was waiting yesterday for the hailstorm that never materialized. The discussion around who has the phone and who is holding onto it got me going just a bit. But without going into all of that again, the phone issue never came up, interestingly enough. I do not expect that "trend" to last forever, however.

Yes, I like the insane injectures to yesterday's comments, lol. Oh well, I make no apologies. I'm not running down the streets proclaiming the end of the world, either.

Not much going on otherwise. I'm just trying to get this tax situation done and the only thing holding me back now is how to go about doing this "carry-over" stuff. I want to apply that 2007 loss to every single year I can apply it to - and get a MUCH larger tax return. Talking potentially thousands of dollars - and right about now, I could use - thousands of dollars, payment free, tax free, thank you.

Hey, it's past 8:00 am on the East coast right now, I could get in…

Monday 3/28/2011


This situation in Japan is getting to be a bit much. They have BEEN talking a meltdown, but today was the first time I saw: "with global implications".

My ex-wife sent me a very long message that is being circulated around by a modern-day prophet. For the record, yes, I do believe there are prophets still walking the land, hear from the Lord and speak whatever the Lord impresses upon them to say.

If you don't believe that, well and fine, but when a particular individual is making specific predictions about things that are going to happen - such as the earthquake in Japan - and has been doing so for decades, perhaps one should give at least a teeny bit of credence to the possibility that, 1: God is alive, on the throne and is who He says He is in the Bible; 2: That yes, He does love His creation - meaning all of us; but 3: Is not a fan of sin because sinning is always against God, not for Him (but, admittedly, we have all engaged in such in some form or another, it…