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Neighbor Threatening My Life Over Cats?

Let me just preface this by saying: THIS is one of the reasons I would LOVE to be OUT of this neighborhood!

The extra-large "man" living 2 houses down that spent 9 years in prison for selling drugs has now threatened my life, apparently.

I wasn't home when this happened, earlier today.

Mark (trailer tenant) was out talking with my next door neighbor - the one that just had his house burn down - when this idiot comes barging out of his house, beelining across my neighbor's yard to get to Mark.  I wasn't there, so I'm just giving the story as I heard it.  This guy starts in on Mark:  You should leave the property now and all the other tenants should leave, too.

Why?  Because "if another cat that I care for or like disappears, I am going to call my friends that are out of prison and they will come over and take care of him" - referring to me.  So, it's worth killing or mauling a person because of ferral, stray cats?  Lol.  You probably can't t…

Thursday 3/31/2011


I received something in the mail yesterday from Sierra Vista, where my dad lives. I opened it up and found a newspaper clipping with a picture of my dad in it. I about died: I thought it was an obituary! What did I miss?!! I started reading it and it quickly became evident that it was a write-up about him, what he has done in that community and the fact that he is moving out of that community to go live in an assisted living center in Tucson - a pretty good drive away from there.

It was a great article and a fitting farewell to a man that has poured out his life in terms of ministry to all kinds of people, from the homeless to the rich and wealthy and everything in between. It was cool to read this article, it was pretty long and it covered a lot of ground. I finally got an email back from him this morning: he is in the middle of moving and it is pretty much consuming him and his time.

My buddy Fin wrote an interesting comment to my last blog entry and it got me to thinking abou…

Wednesday 3/30/2011


Where does it end? I read and read and read all kinds of "expert" opinion on whether to keep a home, send in the keys, let them foreclose, short sale and now a "deed in lieu of foreclosure" action. The latest one I read was speaking about the last one, but then proclaimed going bankrupt may be a better option.


It's all utter insanity. It doesn't matter which one of those you take, you are screwed, in terms of your credit rating and it's going to stay that way a long, long time.

I have struggled with this entire situation for some time now. What to do. At one point, I was settled to stay in the house and live with the loss of being underwater.

Yesterday, looking at the FMV published on the county's site, and seeing the house is now valued, by them anyway, at nearly HALF of what I actually owe on it? I'm pulling my hair out on this situation. I have no clear cut path to take here. It isn't a Y in the road, it's more like st…