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More About Cats

No offense to cat lovers, but I do not like cats.  That hatred for them became a part of me when I was a young kid in Pittsburgh, parents owning several cats, one of them having litters - I think it was every 3 months.  6 months, I don't remember.  Us kids were to take care of the messes of the litters.  I need not go into the specifics, do I?  If I did, it would be good if you weren't eating while reading it, but I am not.

I love dogs.  I have 4 of them.  My Great Danes follow me everywhere when I am inside or outside the house.  If I go out, they go out.  If I go out front - I don't always let them - but they want out there, too.  Whatever I am doing, they are there.  If I'm with the fish, I ended up putting a cloth tarp thing down over the rocks because, yes, that's where they want to be.

My dogs do not cause my neighbors problems.  They are in the house all night long, every night, not outside barking - as many dogs in this neighborhood are left to do.  I don&…

Friday 4/1/2011


Let me note something here about the cat post I made yesterday: the guy threatening my tenants and I does not own any cats. The neighborhood ferals apparently like to go over there - which is great, let him take them into his home while he's at it!

I attempted to get that guy to come out of his house yesterday, he wasn't budging.

Next: The newest tenant calls me yesterday evening. I'm thinking, what now? I don't get calls from tenants unless something's going on - usually something in the negative range of things. Well, what he wanted was something we had already discussed, so no biggies there. He wanted to bring his girlfriend up from Tucson and have her move in with him. Yes, for a price, and additional $100 per month to cover extra utility usage. I have had these arrangements before and generally have not had any problems with it - but - there's always a first time. That's a done deal already, she's there and whatever. Another body to stuff th…