Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday 4/2/2011

Did anyone play an April Fool's Day joke on anyone yesterday?  I  was going to but got distracted by things going on around my home and property.

I am still attempting to find what I did with that tax documentation.  I have no clue.  I may be having to go around and get all that stuff all over again.  Actually, I could get by with just stopping by the processing center that took my house payments that year and getting them to get that stuff available.   I am going to search every where I can think of to search before I do that, but my places to look are running down to nothing.  I couldn't find that stuff in the closet and though there are a few piles of paperwork left to look through, I don't think it's in there.

As for the cat situation, I have found a couple of products that might do the job of keeping them away from their preferred crapping area on my property.  One is a motion activated noise maker - at ultra high frequency that apparently they can hear and don't like but that humans allegedly cannot hear.  I don't give much credence to such things, though.  The other is a motion activated sprinkler.  You set the thing up aimed at the area you want to "protect".  A cat walks into that area and kabaam, a sprinkler turns on and I would guess a cat isn't going to much care for water being sprayed onto them and will disappear.

I don't see, however, why I should have to foot the bill for a problem created by someone else's animal.  I'll be giving that some thought and on Monday I will also be calling animal control about the legalities of certain actions (which no, does NOT include killing cats, I wouldn't do that, though I have had it suggested by several individuals).  I mean, if I catch a cat on my walled property, can I not deal with it by getting rid of it, without killing it or even putting it into a position to die?

It also hardly excuses a "man" threatening my tenants and telling them that my life is going to end if a single cat disappears.

The old computer needs a new monitor.  The one I have with it now is down to showing almost nothing, the screen has faded to the point it's almost completely dark.  I just found one on Craigslist and I will be getting it later on after the guy gets home from his errands.

Done with this one, later!

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