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Cafe World Tips 30: How To Save The Progress In Your Cafe

You've had this problem, haven't you? You put dishes on your stoves, you leave your cafe, come back later and find.........NOTHING on your stoves!! How irritating is THAT?!!! This method to save your progress works - usually. Some people are experiencing glitches so extreme that even saving the progress doesn't work, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try!

Click on the pic to enlarge it.

On the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen, you see where I placed an arrow pointing to a circle around an item in that rectangular box. That small, circled icon is what you click on to save the game. A small pop-up appears on your screen when you click it saying: "Saving Game" and when it's done, it tells you so. Walaah, that's all there is to it!

Cafe World Tips 29: How To Trap Your Waiters To Make Them Teleport Food; Buzz Rating Issues

Are you having trouble with keeping your buzz rating up?  Do you constantly run around clicking on coffee cups or drinks above customer's heads to force it to go up?  Are you tired of not having customers in your cafe because your buzz rating is too low?

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I am somewhat of an expert on buzz rating at this point in time.  It's almost 100% guaranteed that if you have a low buzz rating in your cafe, it's because there is something "wrong" with your cafe's layout.  Now, without going into all of that - though you are welcomed to leave a message below and share a screenshot of your cafe, I can pretty much tell you what is wrong with it, how to fix it and see your buzz rating go back up - another, easier way of getting it back up is to have your waiters teleport the food from the counters to the tables.

With this method, the waiters are trapped behind the counters.  They cannot get out and the "fling" the dishes to the ta…

Cafe World Tips 28: How To Get Free Cafe Cash And Instant Thyme In Cafe World

The complaints about how everything (that you want, anyway) costs Cafe Cash in Cafe World (CW) come from all sides and have been going on since shortly after Zynga rolled the game out onto Facebook.  If you are an avid player of the game, then you have probably seen something in the Decor section at the bottom of your cafe that you reeeeeeeally wanted but it cost Cafe Cash instead of being able to purchase it with Cafe Coins.

I have almost 80,000,000 Cafe Coins right now, sure, you can redecorate with it, but you can't do the really nice stuff unless you want to spend cash.  There are several ways that you can earn or get Cafe Cash in the game, but my "plan", if you want to call it that, gets you MUCH more albeit takes a bit of time and sometimes, a bit of confrontation.  
There are 3 ways you can get cash and instant thyme - usually a good amount of it - for free.   These actions are all directed towards Zynga itself in the form of filing a "Service Ticket" wit…

Monday 4/4/2011


I'd just like to know where, exactly, we are going with this situation in Libya? We all know the story - we went in, rather late - now we're pulling out - appearing to be rather early. Just curious.

Is the federal government going to shut down? Will Boehner and Reid finally come together on a compromise? The rhetoric spewing forth from the machine is incredible. But, I do agree and as the GOP has so eloquently put it: let's stop kicking the can down the road. It's our problem, let's let our current generations deal with it. If it shuts down, it shuts down.

Spent Sunday cleaning and doing stuff outside - pretty much on and off all day long. I think the tax documents I have been searching for have simly disappeared into - maybe some physical realm of cyberspace. I have looked everywhere for that bag of stuff and I simply cannot find it. It is not irreplaceable - but to get the stuff I need will be a hassle, at best.

Oh, and the squealing I have been hearing fr…