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Even MORE Police

So, today is just one of those days. I haven't had to deal with police around in here in quite a while, but - it was inevitable that it happened. It was crazy that it happened on both sides of me, but, this isn't a normal neighborhood and there is more trailer trash that lives, with that kind of mindset, than normal people.

Per the guy that threatened me, well he has had his blinds shut and lights off all night. Trust me when I say that that is definitely NOT normal for him. He doesn't want to get visited by the police, period.

Per the other side? Earlier, after the police left, I was out on the other side of the house - where the guy called the police today on my tenant for parking - wrong - apparently. I said "how's it going?". I have tried several times to end this with him, he doesn't want to end anything. He looked at me, shook his head and walked off.

I shrugged it off - they have been that way for 6 years now, certainly wasn't unexp…

The Police

I called my house from work today to let Lynnette know to go ahead and turn on the AC. Today's high - 90 degrees. She starts telling about how the cops were at my house today. It's been quite a while since any of that has happened, I haven't missed it, either. "Why were they there?".

The next door neighbor - the illegal aliens basically - called the police because on of my tenant's cars' was parked about 7 inches beyond my property line. The car was not blocking the neighbor's driveway, a fire hydrant or otherwise obstructing anything. The police came pounding on my gate and the newest tenant was the "offender". He went out there - the cops allegedly got an attitude with him (in these parts, that would not be surprising), he just got in and moved it.

I decided to put an end to this. I have never heard that parking on a street is in any way, shape or from illegal unless the car is parked illegally: ie: on the sidewalk; too far from …

Tuesday 4/5/2011


Hmmmm, well one thing seems to be for sure: there are no cats coming through my side yard at this point in time. I can say this with confidence, though I wasn't able to say such before as I used to see them running through there frequently.

Here's something I haven't seen before: a breakaway from Somalia - called Somalialand, has it's own coastguard and they actually patrol the sea attempting to catch the pirates! The story goes on to say that they are using an old boat that has only one running engine and that they strip 2 or 3 other old engines for parts to keep it running. They have caught 84 pirates since 2007.

Hellllllooooooo. I mean, the least we can do is give them a couple of boats in the fleet that are going to be retired or something, yes? Oh, they say, governments are afraid the boats are going to end up in pirate hands. Give them a chance, that's all. Don't have to give them brand new boats. Make them accountable for them and see what happen…