Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Even MORE Police

So, today is just one of those days. I haven't had to deal with police around in here in quite a while, but - it was inevitable that it happened. It was crazy that it happened on both sides of me, but, this isn't a normal neighborhood and there is more trailer trash that lives, with that kind of mindset, than normal people.

Per the guy that threatened me, well he has had his blinds shut and lights off all night. Trust me when I say that that is definitely NOT normal for him. He doesn't want to get visited by the police, period.

Per the other side? Earlier, after the police left, I was out on the other side of the house - where the guy called the police today on my tenant for parking - wrong - apparently. I said "how's it going?". I have tried several times to end this with him, he doesn't want to end anything. He looked at me, shook his head and walked off.

I shrugged it off - they have been that way for 6 years now, certainly wasn't unexpected. 2 hours later? Their dog got out - again. I didn't see it, but I assumed it jumped over the fence, into my yard, trampled more plants and then went running down the street. My dogs alerted me to it - they let out a bark and then I went to see what was going on. The woman was chasing the dog, the dog doesn't listen to anyone because it is completely untrained, she finally caught up to it.

Well, I was watching this from the inside of my yard, looking over the gate. I said nothing, made no gestures, no facial movements, didn't do anything to even let them know I was looking. This guy comes running up to her - directly across the street from my house, grabs the dog, looks over at my gates, sees me and flips me off. The woman also flips me off and starts rattling off in Spanish.

I yelled out: "I'm going to call Sheriff Joe" and other things, I did not flip them off back. Fast forward 45 minutes and who is out front again? 3 more Phoenix police officers, looking for the owner of the house - me. The cop started trying to give me a hard time based on those people's word, I was having none of it. He tried 3 times to "dominate" me, is what I called it and I backed him off all 3 times. I'm not the dude starting this trouble, they started it at the beginning and they start it every single time since then.

This officer makes all kinds of statements but wouldn't let me speak. He kept cutting me off and then told me I was interrupting him. Okay, I'll let you finish, officer, whatever you have to say. Several minutes later, I asked him if I could speak now? Then I was able to explain my side of the story. In the end? He wants us to keep to ourselves. Yup, I replied, I completely ignore them unless they start something with me. I don't WANT wars with neighbors, but they leave no choice.

This has been my day since I got home from work.

The Police

I called my house from work today to let Lynnette know to go ahead and turn on the AC. Today's high - 90 degrees. She starts telling about how the cops were at my house today. It's been quite a while since any of that has happened, I haven't missed it, either. "Why were they there?".

The next door neighbor - the illegal aliens basically - called the police because on of my tenant's cars' was parked about 7 inches beyond my property line. The car was not blocking the neighbor's driveway, a fire hydrant or otherwise obstructing anything. The police came pounding on my gate and the newest tenant was the "offender". He went out there - the cops allegedly got an attitude with him (in these parts, that would not be surprising), he just got in and moved it.

I decided to put an end to this. I have never heard that parking on a street is in any way, shape or from illegal unless the car is parked illegally: ie: on the sidewalk; too far from the curb; too close to a fire hydrant; blocking a public right of way; blocking a thoroughfare or blocking a driveway. I called the police. They always have an officer available to answer these types of questions.

The officer was incredulous at first and then start laughing. No, there is no law that says you can't park in front of someone else's house, unless of course you are illegally blocking something. He went on for several minutes - and then couldn't believe that officers had told the tenant to move the car. I don't know, but I got the same story from that tenant when I got home. He just moved it, he said and already stated, because he didn't want to get into it with them.

But, you see, when I got home from work, got out of my car and headed for my gate to go into my house to inquire about this, a totally different scenario unfolded. The guy 2 houses down that told Mark, the trailer tenant, to move out and tell the rest of the tenants to move out because he is going to have me taken care of came barreling over to the fence - crossing the property with the house that burned down and is already been removed. I took one look at the look on his face and I informed him before he said anything that I did not want to talk to him and that was that. He started to say something about cats, I interrupted him: "I hear you have been threatening me about this cat situation". Bluntly, matter-of-factly stated.

"You going to threaten me now?". Back and for a few more times and he finally stated: "If anything happens to the cats, something's going to happen to you". I informed him that I would be calling the police immediately. He said they wouldn't do anything. I know, I thought but didn't say, but he's and ex-con, spent 9 years in prison for drug dealing, he is going to freak out if the police come to his door and starts giving him a hard time about threatening neighbors.

Oh, yes, I did call the police and yes, they came out. I described the whole scenario to them, they informed me what I already knew, but: I asked them to please go over there and have whatever conversation with this guy. They were none to happy to oblige, especially when they heard he was an ex-con - there for selling meth. So, they went over there. The guy had pulled down his blinds and left. Oh, the cops can't do anything? Lol. They came walking back by - no car in the driveway? I asked. No. Oh, then he's not there, he took off. What kind of car does he drive..............we'll be in this area all night long, we'll stop back by later if the car is there.

Oh, and they specifically stated this: if the animal is in your yard, you catch it and it doesn't have identification on it, then yes, you can take it wherever and release it. They started in on not killing cats - I guess everyone automatically thinks that, if you are going to catch it, you are going to kill it. The thought, truly and honestly, has never crossed my mind. I just want it away from MY property, that's all I care about.

The cat trap will be loaded with tuna fish and it will be out tonight. I will get rid of any cats that come on my property, period. I will take it far enough away that it will find a new life, somewhere else. The river bottom is my first thought. Water and pigeons, what more does a cat need?

That's it.

Tuesday 4/5/2011


Hmmmm, well one thing seems to be for sure: there are no cats coming through my side yard at this point in time. I can say this with confidence, though I wasn't able to say such before as I used to see them running through there frequently.

Here's something I haven't seen before: a breakaway from Somalia - called Somalialand, has it's own coastguard and they actually patrol the sea attempting to catch the pirates! The story goes on to say that they are using an old boat that has only one running engine and that they strip 2 or 3 other old engines for parts to keep it running. They have caught 84 pirates since 2007.

Hellllllooooooo. I mean, the least we can do is give them a couple of boats in the fleet that are going to be retired or something, yes? Oh, they say, governments are afraid the boats are going to end up in pirate hands. Give them a chance, that's all. Don't have to give them brand new boats. Make them accountable for them and see what happens.

Whatever. My last 3 entries have all been completely about Cafe World, regular readers can totally ignore those entries as they are directed toward the uneducated masses of people that start up playing that game on a daily basis, have no clue what they are doing and search the internet for information. I keep somewhat of a tab on those entries - of which I have quite a few now - just by looking at Feedjit every day and seeing if any of it's getting visited, which it does. I've become somewhat of an expert at that game at this point. Which is quite meaningless in the overall, grand scheme of things, but I do like to help out whenever possible, and oh, could you throw a buck or two at me for having gone to the trouble of writing it all out? Hmm, well I haven't gone that far with it, but still.

The female trailer tenant is "desperate", she said yesterday. She has been looking for a job for months. She takes odd cleaning jobs here and there, wherever she can find them. But she is looking for steady, part or full-time work, whatever she can find. I can't really help her out any more than I have - she has full access to the Magic Jack phone and she has full access to the old computer which, for the moment anyway, still works fine just for using on the internet. I replaced the fan in that old bugger last weekend, gotta look at the motherboard.

It is showing signs - signs that it is eventually going to die. I priced out cheap, new motherboards and cpu's, about $100 for a decent combo. Plus memory. There is nothing ever cheap about building a computer or even using parts off of one to build another. I can use the hard drive off of it, DVD player, probably not the power supply, the fan is new could use that, I can't use the memory, either, which really sucks. I paid almost $100 for the memory in that machine, but it is for DDR application and I don't think they even make DDR adapted motherboards anymore, it's either DDR2 or DDR3.

I'm no expert at computers, but after having built my first one, I found it remarkably easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part is deciding what you are going to put into it. On a system where I would only install 2 gigs of RAM, I have Windows XP which - it appears - you can install on as many machines as you like without Microsoft trying to stop you. Apparently that OS is finally old enough that they don't care about it anymore. Which is nice, I have a disc with that system on it, still have the security code for it and it works perfectly well : ) Not only that, but for a system with only 2 gigs of RAM? Waste of money to get Windows 7, it isn't that much better than XP (IMO). Windows 7 is good for when you want to use over 4 gigs of RAM, then, XP doesn't handle it. It only goes up to 4 gigs.

The things you learn when you delve into the complete unknown. If there was any money to be made off of building new computers, I would be all over it - but - there is not, not that I can see, anyway, but it's always good to have that knowledge in considering building your own. You get a much better machine for less money than a manufactured system.

Anyway, work day is almost here and there is a hefty order in the truck routing system that wasn't in there yesterday when I left........nice to have something to keep me occupied throughout the day at work : )



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