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Thursday 4/7/2011


Has an odd ring to it - it's Thursday already. Okay. It sprinkled yesterday, a bit, it wan't supposed to rain at all. Not that I mind, I just wish the forecasters in this area would do a bit better job of determining what, exactly the weather is going to be. Saturday there are supposed to be thunderstorms, I'll welcome that.

Next door neighbor - the one to the east of me that calls the police for parking on the street and for them flipping me I'm out there fiddling around on the east side of my house - I spend a lot of time over there since that's where 2 of my ponds are.

There is a portion of chain link fence that between our properties that juts out beyond the front of his house so that his driveway and front yard are exposed. Not by design, mind you, trust me, if I had the money to build a block fence all the way down that property on that side, I would build it 10 feet tall if the city would let me and 3/4's of the issues with …

Wednesday 4/6/2011


I'm sorta hoping the police events yesterday will be it for, sayyyyy, at least another year? But if that neighbor threatens me again, I'm calling the police again. That neighbor STILL has his blinds drawn and doors shut. He was talking smack yesterday: "The police won't do anything", apparently that didn't translate into him acting quite so cocky when they actually showed up and started knocking on his door and windows.

As for the neighbors on the OTHER side, nothing is new there, either. I mean, I still don't quite get what they thought the police would be able to do to me for responding back to THEM flipping ME off. I didn't call the police on them for making rude gestures, lol. I waited out there last night for quite a while to see if they had anything further to say to me after their discussion with that guy and his wife - they did not.

Whatever. I received a very nice and interesting reply from the general manager yesterday concerning …