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Friday 4/8/2011


Got up late - got dressed, skipped half of my pre-work rituals and rushed to work. Still got 10 minutes left anyway : )

A government shutdown. Will it happen or not? I will certainly looking at the news on and off today to see what's going on with that mess. I heard one Democratic senator give and excuse yesterday as to why they didn't bother to pass a budget when then they had a super majority: they were too busy with the healthcare bill and other measures to have to bother with the budget.

Yes, well I'll bet they're kicking themselves now.

Umm, well limited time here. On the crisps of the weekend, I am paying for the taxes to be done and getting it sent through today. Either heading downtown Phoenix after work today or Monday for the fire investigator's report. Proof the fire even occured apparently must be included with the tax information. They called yesterday and said it was ready. That's a whole lot faster than what I was prepared for: up to 45 d…

Thursday 4/7/2011


Has an odd ring to it - it's Thursday already. Okay. It sprinkled yesterday, a bit, it wan't supposed to rain at all. Not that I mind, I just wish the forecasters in this area would do a bit better job of determining what, exactly the weather is going to be. Saturday there are supposed to be thunderstorms, I'll welcome that.

Next door neighbor - the one to the east of me that calls the police for parking on the street and for them flipping me I'm out there fiddling around on the east side of my house - I spend a lot of time over there since that's where 2 of my ponds are.

There is a portion of chain link fence that between our properties that juts out beyond the front of his house so that his driveway and front yard are exposed. Not by design, mind you, trust me, if I had the money to build a block fence all the way down that property on that side, I would build it 10 feet tall if the city would let me and 3/4's of the issues with …