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Wednesday 4/14/2011


I'm starting to think about getting ready to go to bed last night when the cellphone rings. I hear this voice on the other end of the phone and immediately recognize it, notwithstanding the fact I haven't heard it in over 2 years.

Albert, my buddy from Little League days. We used to coach teams together, had our boys in the program and all the other stuff I did in that organization. Without going into an hour and a half of conversation of details, it was nice to hear from an old friend. I didn't have his telephone number and he apparently lost mine. He was at Albertson's yesterday - where my son works - went up to him and my son didn't recognize him!

Lol. I thought that amazing because we spent a LOT of time at ballfields together. But then recognition sparked: coach!

Okay, well anyway.

Quoted from a White House official: ""The president will advocate a balanced approach to controlling out of control deficits and restoring fiscal responsibilit…

Tuesday 4/13/2011


Didn't work yesterday and got caught up in several things so - forgot to even write an entry.
One thing I got caught up in was the truck - work semi that is. My manager calls and tells me, late afternoon, that he had called the repair shop who informed him they couldn't fix the AC and couldn't do the DOT inspection because the trailer had a flat tire.

Excuse me? What kind of repair facility can't fix AC systems? They guaranteed us that they could!! And what nitwit working for a huge facility would come back and say because there is a flat tire the inspection can't be done? CALL A FREAKING TIRE COMPANY TO COME OUT AND FIX THE TIRE, THEN FINISH THE FREAKING INSPECTION.

Oh my gosh!!! I couldn't believe this nonsense I was hearing on the phone.

So, after all was said and done - and I made phone calls to the sales rep that handles our account - they call in a tire truck, fix the tire and complete the inspection. They cannot, however, fix the AC. I wasn'…