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Thursday 4/14/2011


The US Navy has a LASER now? Lol!!! Captain Jean Luc Picard to Data: Fire lasers! I mean really, that's Star Trek type of stuff! I guess it's still apparently in testing mode or something, but that's quite the leap in technology - at least to me it is.

Planes and things having to do with them seem to pop up quite frequently in the news. Of which I am always fascinated, regardless. The senator that landed a Cessna on a closed runway that had construction personnel working on it at the time of his landing? Crazy!

Or air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job?!!! My gosh - those people make a LOT of money, THAT if nothing else oughtta make them stay awake for a job as important as that one! Heck, let ME take all the training and get in there, I'll become a night owl to rake in that kind of dough!!

Problems at work? Yes. I'm not sure where this one is going, either. I'm not going into it here, on a public website, viewable by anyone in the world, j…