Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday 4/15/2011


Yayyyy, it's Friday!
This is hilarious: Arizona legislature okays birther bill - which requires any and all presidential candidates to prove via birth certificate or some other acceptable means that they were born in the United States.

The wild, wild, west. Well, whatever. I'm sure the opponents of this particular bill will do.....what? Tell everyone to boycott Arizona again? Lol. It still amazes me that one of our own state's senators actually got that going when the Immigration bill was being considered.

Ummm, I think I'll leave the realm of the politics - though I do find no small amount of amusement and entertainment from the bickering and bantering back and forth between the two parties about how we should - or apparently should not - reduce the nation's deficit.

Regardless, I am sending in one tax return today and probably go ahead and file this year's as well. Work on the other 2 years - of which I have the paper work sitting around somewhere, get it over with, wait for the IRS to start heck and heterdyne, I am sure. What's another round of drama in my life?

Went to the JROTC event last night where they hand out awards. Caleb got two of them. His final days of being on top of his particular world in High School are drawing to a close. Then he's off to new adventures. The ex was there, too, she snapped a pic of Caleb and I.

Almost scary. No more kids in the house? Maybe I need to go out and find a ready-made family, lol. I don't want any more babies, but I wouldn't mind doing the sports thing with baseball and all that over again with another one.

Anyway, no great plans for the weekend. I am, however, talking with a nice looking gal in email back and forth. I know she's nice lookin' cause she has sent me about a dozen different pics. This lady actually seems to be normal!! Christian, no drugs, doesn't smoke, don't know about kids, has a job, career, even money! Not that not having money is a disqualifier, but my wouldn't it be nice to find someone that is self supporting and isn't in want. I dunno, we're talking back and forth. Amazingly, this person replied to a Craigslist ad. I stopped doing those after several failed attempts last year to meet - anyone that has even a close semblance to being normal. But, whatever is in all of us that drives us to be with someone - got me going again. I didn't want to; pay for and was having no luck with Plenty of Fish, figured to try the freebie route again.

Umm, oh, the weekend. Well, probably the same routine. Caleb is gone to some sort of camp this weekend, I am still considering taking a day trip out of town just to get a new perspective - the mountains tend to do that for me.



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