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Friday 4/22/2011


Now it's REALLY Friday, lol.
Yesterday was a very long day at work.
3 different trips, out until almost 4:00 pm.

Of course, today has almost nothing to do in the routing system, se la vie.

I haven't got much this morning. I woke up out of a really strange dream that I can't quite seem to shake from my head.

I was living in a house on the side of a large mountain with a bunch of relatives. That's strange in itself - who wants to live with their relatives? Anyway, one of my Koi ponds was up in a giant barn/garage like structure on the second floor. The thing caught on fire and I was, for whatever reason, trying to catch the fish and save them (In real life? the fish would burn! I ain't riskin' my life for fish!).

It was in a remote area of the wilderness, the house that is, but it was set on this REALLY steep mountainside. I remember leaving to get out of there as the house was burning, walking along a dirt road, looking up and see at the top of the mount…

Thursday 4/21/2011

Note: I had it stuck in my head this morning that it is Friday, when, in actuality, it is Thursday. Get to do a do-over tomorrow.


Performance review given out yesterday. Mostly good marks but with a black eye punched. Of course, the issue with the DOT giving me out warnings. I get pulled over frequently enough - in fact just a few days ago. But my truck was not inspected, just weighed. The truck was almost empty, they weighed two of the 5 axles and then moved me on.

Oh well. I am sure there are drivers all over the country that are getting this kind of junk and there isn't much you can do about it. There are also other drivers in my company that have received tickets with fines - I received no such thing.

But in this new era of new rules and regulations that have just come out, it almost makes no difference on your record whether it was a violation with a warning or a violation with a ticket and fine. You know, I have no control over god-attitude DOT officers, especially…

Wednesday 4/20/2011


Ummm, I always hate when I forget to update this blog and get the entries on comments to their own spot.

Oh well.

Brewer vetoes the requirement to check presidential candidate's credentials as to place of birth. Good. I don't like Obama, at all, but our state has enough contention going on to need to heap even more upon it. It is a useless waste of legislature's time to be drafting this kind of bill up and then going through all the motions to get it passed.

They have better things to do.

The price of food is continuing to rise. Especially seeing that scenario in the meat department at the local grocer's. Dairy products, too. In fact, just about everything. I'm beginning to wonder if some of this stuff I have been hearing for some time now isn't going to come to pass: food is going to get so expensive, some people aren't going to be able to afford to buy it. Others are going to be severely affected by it.

I dunno. I am not feeding a bunch of mo…

Tuesday 4/19/2011


This will be a short(er) one. Not much time left before work.
The only item of interest is a conversation I had yesterday with Lynnette, one of the trailer dwellers.

She started telling me this story about the kid tenant - again. I had thought we had gotten past some of this stuff. Apparently and definitely not.

What she told me started to make me mad. She told me she was mopping the kitchen floor and that this kid came out -- and walked on the still wet floor. She asked him not to do that, can he wait 10 minutes until the floor dries? No, he replies, he his hungry.

So, you are so hungry that you can't wait a few minutes until the floor dries? Please? No, he replies again, I am hungry right now and I am not going to wait. The third request fell on deaf ears.

UNBELIEVABLE. WHAT planet did this kid drop in from? Planet EGO, apparently. I am god, I can do whatever I want, do not interfere with my activities.

It goes on. She has told him in the past to NOT start the dishwash…

Monday 4/18/2011


Tax Day.
The day of Fear. The day the Federal Government through the Department of the Treasury via the IRS wants to instill the fear of man into you. File your tax returns or else.

I guess it's the whole fear thing that they try to convey that turns me off.

So here we go again with rising fuel prices. I mean, some parts of the country are already paying over $4 per gallon, it was $3.67 at a station I saw on the way to work today. They have you by the throat. You wanna drive, you will pay the price and there isn't a thing you can do about it. I have no choice. Well, I suppose there are always choices, but getting up at 3:30 am to ride a bike to work doesn't sound like much fun, neither does taking a bus that would take 2 to 2-1/2 hours to get to work. How high is it going to go, that is my question.

Here's some humor: the House has passed Ryan's bill to cut the deficit. Humorous because everyone knows it's not going to pass through the Senate and even…