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Monday 4/25/2011


Well, what did you do yesterday on Easter? Umm, for me?? Besides talking to my mother for about 45 minutes on the phone, I was also having to deal with the police - umm, was it twice or three times?

Yup, the trailer trash next door. This time, however, I started the "trouble". The guy has been giving me dirty looks all week long. This coupled with the fact that he called the police on us about vehicles that, it turned out, were legally parked in the street.

Time to turn the tables. If the guy would just keep to himself and stop messing with me, I wouldn't even go here, but I did yesterday. His face was facing the wrong direction and his car was parked on the sidewalk. I called the police, who rather quickly came out and went to their door to tell them to move these vehicles immediately.

The "man" came out, said something to the officer while pointing at me, the officer shook his head and forced him to move the vehicles regardless. However, he did not mov…