Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday 4/26/2011

I posted an "entry" this morning in the comments section of yesterday's post - gone. Oh well.

My date for Thursday is still on - on more than I thought. She texted me a few hours ago and we got into a texting session - which I can say that I really don't like texting that much - so we ended up on the phone talking instead. How can you start a relationship texting? You would have to push those miniature buttons forever! My fingers are too big for those little keys, I have to use what little amount of finger nail I have to push those buttons - though I can say after almost 2 months of this nonsense, I am starting to get better at it.

Anyway, she has texted me severed times today and after I started writing this entry - and hardly getting anything written - she called me again. She's a nice, talkative blonde : ) I can talk forever with people, this is not a problem : )

Oh who cares about the tenants and the notices and all the other junk today.



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